Welcome to Clara's Website!


My name is Clara Gabriel and I go to Green Mountain U.H.S. in Chester, VT.


Here's a pic.

Here's a few fast facts about me.

- I shook hands with Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton.

- I have over 200 CDs.

- I've worked (a real job) since I was 6, and yes, for some reason I'm proud of that.

- I love to take pictures - any kind and of anything.

- I play soccer (I'm a goalie) and softball (I'm a catcher).

- I play the clarinet.

- I have a younger brother, Aidan -15, who is a computer friek.

- I have two golden retrievers, Sady and Willis.


Now that you know a little about me, here's what I've been doing for the past week.