The most abundant thing on our Earth's surface: Water is the bringer of life, but most importantly, fun.

Mudsliding an Burlington...hope you brought a change of clothes!

The Water group, formerly the Water Weasels, was run by the trio of
Doug Bechtel, Paul Bierman, and Jim Hildebrandt, explored the
quantity and the quality of its topic, and some cool technolgy to
study and research with, like acidity checkers, ion detectors, and
Paul pulled out some cool surveying equipment, like the tripod
pictured here...

Aside from the mechanical equipment, some products were
used to measure water velocity. The type shown in this picture
is simply to dye for...

All in all, the Water group had a GREAT
time, and we'd like to say thank you to
Christine and the rest of this year's
wonderful staff...

By the way, the water group heard Tracy Chapman's
song on the radio seven times in six days in the van.