We spent a week map reading, learning about the rock cycle, detumining the oreintation of the bedrock, interpriting vermont geological history from the rocks, and giving Kim and Trevor a hard time. The word geology comes from the greek word geo meaning earth and the greek suffix logy meaning the study of.

The first day was tough learning the basics at Salmon Hole where we almost lost Elisha because it reminded her of geometry.

Fortunatly we could go outside and use all of our senses, some telling us more than others...., to learn about the rocks and their history thus leaving most of the geometry behind us.

this brought a smile to Elisha's face-

Early in the week, after studying the rock at Lake Iroquois for the group project, we visited the Hinesburg Thrust, or, as some people in our group (like Joe !) called it, the Heissman's Thrust!
This fault helps push the rocks together making the Green Mountains.

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