University of Vermont

Gund Institute for Ecological Economics

Gund Research Slam Highlights the Breadth and Depth of Research at the Gund

The Gund Institute for Ecological Economics hosted the first annual Gund Research Slam on October 29, 2013.  Over 100 people from UVM and Vermont attended the event to learn about transdisciplinary research projects being carried out by Gund Fellows, Graduate Fellows, and Post-Docs.  Researchers were challenged to present one key area of their work in four minutes.  After ten presentations we broke for an hour to answer questions, discuss new areas for collaboration, and reconnect with new and old colleagues.   Films of the presentations are below, along with a short video montage of the event.  We hope to see everyone next year!

William Keeton: Dynamics of Forest Ecosystems

Lini Wollenberg: Sustainable Agricultural Commodity Initiatives and Deforestation

Asim Zia: The Emergence of Attractors Under Multi-Level Institutional Designs

Pooja Kanwar: A Regional Ecological Risk Assessment of the Kaipara Harbour using the Relative Risk Model

Gillian Galford: The Gund in Action: Flood Mitigation by Wetlands

Brian Voigt: Simulation Models of Coupled Natural-Human Systems

Ann Hoogenboom: Community Organizing for Resiliency to Climate Change

Colin Beier: Forest Ecosystem Services Toolkit

Insu Koh: Pollination Services: Modeling and Mapping

Meryl Richards: Seeing the (Agro)Forest for the Trees

Jon Erickson: Successional Retrogression in a Changing Forest Economy

Alicia Ellis: Do Pollinators Contribute to Nutritional Health?

Julie Nash: Competitive Advantage and Eco-Labels: Understanding the Value of Uniqueness

Christopher Koliba: Designing for Environmental Governance

Jean Lee: Agricultural Carbon Projects: Where are the mamas?

Robert Herendeen: Net Energy and Energy Price: Connected?

Donna Rizzo: Identifying Model Structure and Scale Dependencies: Chagas Disease Transmission and Risk

Margarita Fernandez: Seasonal Hunger in Coffee Communities: Food Sovereignty,  Agroecology, and Livelihoods

Eric Zencey: The Genuine Progress Indicator for the State of Vermont

Taylor Ricketts: Nature, Happiness, and Big Data