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Gund Institute for Ecological Economics

Gund Tea: Peter Brown, Education for the Anthropocene

Dr. Peter Brown, discusses "Education for the Anthropocene" and how we can reverse higher education's contribution to the decline of Earth's life support systems. He frames the problem with our current normative disciplines and discusses a new joint venture between UVM, McGill, and York to provide graduate level education that is grounded in Ecological Economics that rethinks finance, law, governance, ethics and religion to ensure an education system that is up to the challenge of the anthropocene. 

A Production of the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics, an affiliate of the Rubenstein School for Environment & Natural Resources at the University of Vermont

This event is part of the weekly Gund Tea Series, an opportunity for affiliates of the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics and the broader University community to engage in robust discussion about topical research, current events, and relevant theory.

The Gund Institute is a hub for transdisciplinary scholarship, based at the University of Vermont and comprising diverse faculty, students, and collaborators worldwide. Together we conduct research at the interface of ecological, social, and economic systems, develop creative, practical solutions to local and global environmental challenges, and provide future leaders with the tools and understanding necessary to navigate the transition to a sustainable society.

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