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Gund Releases Vermont Genuine Progress Indicator

Gund Fellows and Graduate Fellows Jon Erickson, Eric Zencey, Matthew Burke, Sam Carlson and Zachary Zimmerman put in many long hours to find and crunch data to deliver the Vermont Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI) to Vermont’s Government Accountability Committee yesterday.  

One of their top findings was that GPI shows a 40 percent lower measure of Vermont’s well-being than if we judge progress based solely Vermont’s “gross state product”. Income inequality, non-renewable energy depletion, and loss of farmland were the largest indicators accounting for the difference between GPI and GSP. On the other side, Vermont GPI was bolstered by a strong volunteer culture in Vermont, declining crime costs, and a high proportion of adults who have completed at least a bachelors degree. 

Over the next year Gund will work to update and refine the data to provide the 2012 GPI, and will work with Vermont lawmakers to strategize on the policy applications of the GPI. 

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