University of Vermont

Gund Institute for Ecological Economics

Gund Director Taylor Ricketts Interviews Dr. Paul Ehrlich

Dr. Paul Ehrlich visited UVM in early May to deliver a Burack Distinguished Lecture. During a lunch with Gund Graduate Fellows he shared a key piece of advice, “You can’t divorce your graduate advisor, choose well.” His camaraderie and twenty-year friendship with Gund Director and former PhD student Taylor Ricketts brought his advice to life. 

During Dr. Ehrlich’s visit he gave a Burack Lecture on "What Are the Chances a Collapse of Civilization Can Be Avoided?”, to a packed crowd of almost 500 people.  Not content just to give one lecture, Paul was generous with his time – he guest lectured in courses, had lunch with students, birded with Allan Strong, and ate almost every meal with various faculty and community members.  He also sat down to chat with Taylor about science, human behavior, women’s rights, and the chances of societal collapse. Highlights from their conversation can be viewed in this video.