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German faculty and student at senior reception
Faculty members chat with a German student at our Senior-Graduate Reception in the Department Seminar Room in May 2009. Our small class sizes allow students and teachers to get to know each other very well, and this fosters good academic progress, excitement and engagement in the learning process, and the ability to build on students' specific interests.

Explore German and Russian

The major goal of the Department of German and Russian at the University of Vermont is to provide excellent instruction in our language, culture, and literature classes. (We offer the B.A. and M.A. degree in German, the B.A. degree in Russian, and two years of Hebrew instruction. The Department has an outstanding teaching reputation, and faculty have been honored with Kroepsch-Maurice Outstanding Faculty, Kidder, and Dean's Lecture awards. The faculty's dedication to serious scholarship is equally strong and successful, and faculty members have gained national and international recognition for their published books and articles.

Language, literature, and culture play the major part in the study of German and Russian at the University of Vermont. Basic linguistic skills are mastered first, and these open the possibility of reading and studying literary texts from the Middle Ages to the present time. While a historical background is of much importance for meaningful understanding of newer intellectual developments, greater emphasis is placed on the language and its various uses in the past two centuries. With this solid background students can go abroad and increase their knowledge through first-hand experiences in Russia or in one of the German-speaking countries. Study abroad is encouraged for both the enhancement of language fluency and the personal and intellectual experiences which result in a more informed view of the world. Knowledge of German or Russian language, culture, and literature also expands future employment possibilities.

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