Welcome to the 3-4 Page of Perkins Museum Environmental Science Day Camp!
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Day 1: Recording, Observing, Magnifying and Getting to Know One Another!

Day 2: Exploring the Wetland and Cleaning up Polluted Water!


Taking some notes, making some observations, and asking some questions!


Cleaning up our highly contaminated water!

Exploring the Perkins Museum of Geology

Exploring the Wetlands at Ethan Allen Homestead!



and then computers!

Day 3: Exploring at The Lake Champlain Basin Science Center

At the Science Center we explored "under the sea", in a "wetland" and "under the shell." We found our way through a maze, held starfish and snails and listened to the birds found in the wetlands. Here are some pictures from our visit!


Day 4: Exploring the Living Machine!


We made this cloth collage of the wetlands!


Day 5: Getting Ready to Present our Scientific Research to our Parents

Our soil samples from the week!





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