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Featuring: The Perkins Geology Museum is Free and open to all

on M - F 9am-4pm, in the Geology Department's Delehanty Hall.


1) 2012 VT State Bedrock Map Exhibit is Under Construction:

The University of Vermont's Perkins Geology Museum is the ONLY site where the new Bedrock Geologic Map of Vermont will be permanently on display. The map took years of work and dedication by UVM Geologists, Vermont Geological Survey, and United States Geological Survey, and was unveiled at the Vermont State House in 2012. Installation in the Perkins Museum is in progress.

Sneak Preview

2) New Mineral: hughesite is a recently discovered mineral named for UVM Geology Professor John M. Hughes is on display. See "Mineral Man" below.

3) Coming soon:

--- Sixteen (of 18) volumes of “Report of the State Geologist on the Mineral Industries and Geology of Vermont” by George H. Perkins, State Geologist (appointed in 1898) )and Professor of Geology, University of Vermont.

--- Vermont State Symbols Display

--- More information on Vermont's Snowflake Bentley

--- Tusks

--- Online educational materials for all educational levels

Visit the Museum on UVM's Trinity Campus

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Featured Update:

The Perkins Geology Museum . . . "The place is a gem of a resource"

Char Mehrtens: Char Mehrtens, UVM geology professor involved with Perkins Museum of Geology for years, speaks (to VTDIGGER) about the VT Bedrock map, a new museum exhibit under construction, as an "important resource" in In This State: Whales, arrowheads, minerals come to life at the Perkins Our visitors "consider the place [museum] a gem of a resource"

John Hughes: is Mineral man. Hughesite, a mineral discovered in 2008 and named in honor of UVM geology professor Dr. John M. Hughes for his life-long contribution to the study of mineral structures. See sample on display at Perkins Geology Museum.