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Through the College of Arts and Sciences, geology undergraduates have access to the Academic Programs for Learning Engagement (APLE). To learn more about conducting research with a UVM faculty member or to learn about the hands-on learning internships available, talk to your advisor.

Undergraduate research projects

UVM geology students have enjoyed a long history of successful undergraduate research projects. UVM undergraduates have also been successful in publishing their work in geological literature and in giving presentations at professional meetings; meetings such as Green Mountain Geologist, Northeast Sectional Meeting, and National Geological Society of America (GSA). Below is a listing of undergraduate student theses presentations from 1983 to present.


Richmond, Parker, Ground Penetrating Radar As A Method For Distinguishing Fractures And High Angle Faults.

Ruksznis, Abigail, Variation In Two Styles Of Acadian Thrust Faulting In The Pinnacle Formation, Richmond, Vt.

Weber, Eric, Comparison of Ductile Structures From The Southern Terminus of The Hinesburg Thrust Fault With Those From The Central Flap, West Central Vermont.

Earle, Halen, Analysis of thrust related structures in the Champlain Valley of Vermont.

Findlay, Alyssa, Mineralogy of Vermont Asbestos Group Mine Waste, Eden, Vermont.

Hagen-Peter, Graham, Timing and significance of large-scale folding in the tavan har basement block in Southeastern Mongolia relative to late triassic sinistral shear.

Hefferon, Donald, Petrographic and geochemical analysis of basement rocks in the East Gobi Fault Zone, Mongolia.

Parrish, Greg, Ground Penetrating Radar Study of Quaternary Sediment Structures in Northern Vermont.

Snyder, Shane, Tectonic transition from backarc bift basin to compressional foreland basin in the southernmost Andes: its geochemical expression.

Charnock, Robbie, Bedrock mapping address elevated radioactivity in groundwater, Knox Mt. pluton, Vermont.

Gladstein, Katie J., Eruption Deformation Analysis of Mount Etna, Sicily, Italy.

Gordon, Aliza, Acid-volatile sulfide and pyrite distribution in Missisquoi Bay sediments, Lake Champlain.

Stokes, Kirsten, Sedimentology of the Crown Point Formation (Middle Ordovician): A comparison of reef and lagoonal lithofacies.

Schultz, Sam, Lithofacies and stable isotope analysis of the Crown Point Formation (Middle Ordovician Chazy Group) stromatoporoid mounds.

Derman, Karen, Three dimensional modeling of a thrust fault surface in Williston and its relationship to well water yields.

Bower, Mike, Comparison of gold, mercury, and glassy carbon solid state electrode performance in natural systems.

Eastman, Danielle, Sulfur cycling and microorganisms of the Frasassi cave system, Italy.

Hartmann, Aaron, Phosphorus and nitrogen dynamics in St. Albans and Missisquoi Bays linked to redox cycling.

Ogden, Molly, Designing web-based educational exercises to demonstrate karst processes.
Smith, Lydia, Sulfur cycling and oxidation of natural organic matter in Green Lake, NY.

Tyler George-Minetti, Secondary mineral formation and Cu mobility at the Pike Hill Mine, Vermont.

Leavitt, Sean, A comparison of the geochemistry of thermal waters from hot springs in Iceland.

Leonard, Christy, Phosphorus mineralization associated with electric arc furnace slag materials used to treat agricultural runoff.

Montane, Paul, Ductile and brittle structural control on topographic photolinears in the Worcester Mountains.

Swander, Zachary, Kinematic analysis of two retrograde poly-deformed formations across an oblique reverse shear zone, Waterbury Reservoir, Vermont.

Hansell, Tristan, Structural, topographic, and hydrogeologic analysis of the Worcester Mountains.

Katowski, Kristin, Assessing sulfur dioxide loss during pyrite oxidation.

Zimmerman, Robert, Comparison of basalt composition along the mid-Atlantic Ridge in Iceland.

Hayes, Maria, Anthropogenic Influences on Nitrogen Levels in four Vermont Ponds.

Hickerson, Jackie, Public environmental outreach related to the hydrology of greenspace.

Hollmeyer, Serena, Metals content of mine drainage.

King, Sarah & Roe, Scott, Nitrate contamination of bedrock drinking water wells in the Waits River Formation, E. Montpelier.

McGee, Megan, The hydrology of remediating damaged greenspace.

Musselman, Keith, Precipitation patterns in two paired basins on Mt. Mansfield.

Pascale, Leila, Structural, topographic, and hydrogeologic analysis of the Monpelier Quadrangle.

Peabody, Michela, Erosion and landsliding related to historic clearcutting in Vermont.

Shulman, Deborah, The effect of inherited structures on the formation of extension fractures in the Lake Champlain basin.

Stanley-Mann, Elizabeth, Landscape change on the Winooski and White Rivers since the 1927 flood.

Toke, Nathan, Urban storm water hydrology.


Bosely, Andrew, Lake Morey grain size measurements.

Conlan, Angela, Comparing grain size measurements in lake cores.

Hofeller, M, Effects of detention ponds on water quality: Centennial Brook,VT.

Persico, Lyman, Sediment transport on Mojave desert surfaces.

Benchley, Kristen, Puna Ridge – a submarine rift zone of an active volcano.

Hodgdon, Ian, Glacial and post-glacial terrace history of the Smuggler's Notch Valley.

McGee, Megan, Infiltration recovery on UVM campus test plots.

Spangler, Adam, Unknown.

Troeger, Laura, Foliation Orientation and Strain Rate Controls on Strength of Pelite During Partial Melting and Deformation.

Bragel, Jennifer. Environmental Studies, Thesis: "Beach Hardening and its Relationship to Public Structures".

Crockett, John, The Hydrologic Response of a Small Urban Watershed to a Summer Storm: Centennial Brook, Burlington, Vermont.

Eurich, Dan, Campus well-field characterizations.

Frericksen, Guinevere, Variations in Streamwater Chemistry Associated with Summer Storm Events: Looking at a Headwater Tributary of Brush Brook, Vermont.

Fuller, Sarah. No Title.

Modley, Meg, Stream Runoff Accompanying Land Use Change, Roatan, Honduras.

Polley, Krista, Urban runoff and water quality: Centennial Brook, Vermont.

Taylor, Erin, A Geochemical Study of the Averill Pluton, Northeast Kingdom,

Walker, Dale, No Title.

Duni, Megan, Sediment Characterization of Roatan Island Reefs and Beaches, pre-Hurricane Mitch, Bay Islands, Honduras.

Glynn, Michelle, Seasonal Variations of Grain Size Distribution, Winooksi River, Vermont.

Kurfis, Jim, Urban hydrology and land-use changes.

Lamneck, Drew, Holocene lake histories in New England.

Redmond, Janet, Distribution of Selected Trace Metals in Mississquoi River sediments, Northwestern Vermont.

Rosenheim, Brad, Freshwater Dilution Observed in the Stable Oxygen Isotop Record of the Scleractinian Coral Montastrea annularis: Roatan, Honduras.

Santos, Darrin, Channel initiation in the Mojave desert.

Tetreault, Joya, College Honors, Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of the Cathedral Bluffs Tongue of the Wasatch Fm. (Eocene), Southern Wyoming.

Malczhyk, Jeremy, Geology, Vermont Quaternary Web Page.

Mudge, Matthew, No title

Oetjen, William, Field Geology Web Page.

Unger, Tanya, Predicting Lake Champlain Shoreline Energy and Erosion Potential.

Escowitz, Ethan, Geochemistry and Petrology of amphibolitic greenstone, Richmond, Vermont.

Mazza, Nilah, Geology, Debris flows and landslides.

Shaw, David, Geology, River and groundwater interactions.

Valin, Christopher, Geology, The Relative Chronology and Stratigraphy of River Terraces in the Winooski Valley.

Hacket, Parker, Geology, Weathering zones on Baffin Island.

Zehfuss, Paul, Geology, Alluvial fans in Vermont as recorder of changes in sedimentation rates due to deforestation.

Bryan, Kristine, Geology, Deglaciation of southern Chittenden county and northern Addison County, Vermont.

Golec, Erin, Impact of urbanization on stream water quality.


Doolan, Kristan, Isotope Geochemistry of Ph, Zn, Cu ores.

Falkenberg, Jessica, Revised Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of the Day Point Formation (Chazy Group).

Brown, Audra, Magnetization of Lake Champlain Sediments.

Gannon, Lindsay, Interactive computer applications in Geology.

Gerace, Donna, Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of the Saxe Brook Formation: An Example of Lower Cambrian Platform Margin Sedimentation, Northwestern Vermont.

McFeeter, Sarah, Illite Crystallinity in Western Vermont.


Coffey, Edward L., Geochemistry and Stratigraphy of the Metavolcanics of the Tibbit Hill Formation of Northern Vermont.

Daley, James F., Stratigraphy and Structure of the Cheshire and Dunham Formations, on the East Flank of the Georgia Mountain Anticline, Fairfax, Northern Vermont.

Kurfis, Jim, Urban Hydrology and Land-Use Changes.

Lamneck, Drew, Holocene Lake Histories in New England.

Homza, Thomas, Sediment Gravity Flow Deposition of the Highgate and Gorge Formations (Upper Cambrian-Lower Ordovician), Northwestern Vermont.

Peat, Kristen, The Petrology of the Coleraine Breccia, Coleraine, Quebec.

Gleason, John, Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of the Lacolle Formation (Middle Ordovician) of Southern Quebec, New York and Vermont.

Borre, M. Alisa, Internal sources of phosphorus in Shelburne Pond, Vermont.

Rose, Hugh, Paleozoic stratigraphy, structure, and metamorphism of metavolcanics and metasedimentary rocks of the Jeffersonville area, Northern Vermont.

Hillman, Douglas, The Rockledge Formation: A Possible Carbonate Slope Deposit.

Koop, Gregory, Stratigraphy and structure of the Jeffersonville area, north central Vermont.

Prahl, Crispin, Bedrock geology of the western Lincoln massif and
associated cover rocks, North Ripton, Vermont.

Lenoci, James, Spatial and temporal distribution of phosphorus in fluvial sediments, Stevens and Jewett Brooks, St. Albans Bay Watershed.

Dorsey, Rebecca, Bedrock Geology of the Milton Quadrangle, northwesternVermont.

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