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UVM Geology in your region and across the U.S.:

UVM Geology attends and presents at national Geological Society of America (GSA) meetings. Meetings are listed by month in our calendar of events. View the calendar.

"The Champlain Thrust" newsletter is a proud tradition for the Geology Department. We welcome your updates and we hope you'll read about what the department and each of you is up to.

Learn about the "Champlain Thrust" geologic feature: the world's oldest reef in the Champlain Islands.

Send alumni news! Remember to send your alumni news via e-mail to, and PLEASE include the subject line "alumni news." That way we can quickly get it to Robin and guarantee it will be ready for the next edition. If you'd like to include a photo for the Champlain Thrust, please attach it as a jpg file. Thank you, we look forward to receiving your news.

Ongoing Event: Geology Seminar Series

Sponsored by the Department of Geology Visiting Lecture Series

The Geology Department at UVM has a long tradition of professional seminars and short courses offered every semester. We gratefully acknowledge an endowment from the Lintilhac Foundation which allows us to bring visitors from around the country and world to give talks and interact with our faculty and students. All seminars are at 4:15 pm in Delehanty Hall Room 219, University of Vermont, Trinity Campus, unless otherwise indicated. Refreshments served prior to the lecture in Room 316. For further information, contact Assistant Professor Julia Perdrial

Fall 2014


Come see us at the following meetings:

2014 NORTHEAST SECTIONAL GSA Meeting: 23-15 March 2014, Lancaster, PA, USA

2014 THE GREEN MOUNTAIN GEOLOGIST April 26 2014, Middlebury VT, USA

2014 NATIONAL GSA Meeting:. 19-22 October 2014, Vancouver, BC, Canada


UVM Geology in the News

Paul Bierman led an international team of scientists and found three-million-year-old landscape beneath Greenland Ice Sheet. Research Gaining International Attention.

Geology Excursion in the Teacher-Advisor Program (TAP) “The highlight of my ISEE experience was going out on geology excursions for various labs in the 'Geology of Lake Champlain Basin' class." (ISEE, Integrated Study of Earth and Environment)

Char Mehrtens, UVM geology professor involved with Perkins Museum of Geology for years, speaks about the VT Bedrock map, a new museum exhibit under construction, as an "important resource" in In This State: Whales, arrowheads, minerals come to life at the Perkins Our visitors "consider the place [museum] a gem of a resource."

Laura Web, in Under Pressure, (International Innovation - The leading global Dissemination Resource) reveals her research, which uses pioneering technology . . . to produce insights into the pressure and temperature histories that form rocks.

Paul Bierman and colleagues seek answers to the questions of climate change, in particular, to help answer a little understood—but most important—question: how fast will Greenland melt in a warming world? Read more: Ice Sheets, Isotopes & Musk-Ox Pizza, a polar scientist's tour of Greenland (Vermont Quarterly)

John Hughes was elected President of the Mineralogical Society of America, (MSA). One of the oldest international scientific societies, it was founded in 1919. Hughes begins his post in November 2012.

Paul Bierman, UVM Department of Geology Professor, and Graduate student Alice Nelson want to know “how stable is the Greenland ice sheet?" Embedded journalist, Joshua Brown in, "Live from Greenland" realizes, “If the whole Greenland ice sheet — that covers most of this not-green island — were to melt . . .

University of Vermont, Department of Geology participates in creating and the April 11, 2012 unveiling of the updated Vermont State Bedrock Map.

Paul Bierman, Department of Geology Professor at The University of Vermont, sent samples to his lab after receiving a rapid-response grant from U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) for travel to Namibia one-month after the country's unprecedented rainfall. Read Something Odd Is Happening With Namibia's Weather to discover why " Grass covers what should be barren stony desert" (NSF).

UVM 's Cynthia Gardner ’77 has an "Eye on Eruptions" . . . " her well-honed sense of humility — began as an undergraduate at UVM, tooling across the American West with geology professors . . .

"Earthquakes and Vermont Yankee" a WCAX interview with UVM Professor Keith Klepeis, expert in structural geology, tectonics and field geology.

The mineral Hughesite is named for Department of Geology Professor John M.Hughes; his area of expertise includes Mineralogy, Crystal Chemistry, X-ray Crystallography. Read University Communications "Nature made a very limited number of minerals, and to have one of them named after you is truly humbling," says Hughes . . ."

Professor Char Mehrtens at The University of Vermont, Department of Geology says, " the Receptaculites mystery has been solved . . . " Read the scientific debate article.


Other Events

For a listing of Diverse Environmental Events at UVM, such as Geology, Biology, Plant and Soil Sciences, CALS, Gund Institute, Rubenstein School, and the Food Spire see "Calendar of Environmental Seminars at UVM"

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