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June 2013

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UVM Geology Seniors Graduate

Andrea LiniGreetings from the Geology Department in Delehanty Hall.

I am glad to announce the graduation of 2 Master's Degree students, 8 Geology Majors, 10 Geology Minors, and 2 students with Geology concentration in Earth Science and ENSC: Env Geology.

Our programs offer many opportunities for students to participate in national and global research, and make presentations at Regional and National Geology Meetings.

See Chairs Message.

Faculty Research & News Updates

Andrea Lini: The UVM Mudslingers wrapped up the trophic history of Lake... read more.

Char Mehrtens: Looks forward to the permanent installation of ... read more.

John Hughes: delivered Commencement Address to the Geosciences at Virginia Tech Saturday May 18th.

Keith Klepeis : Keith and his students are working up the results of a recent month long geological expedition to Fiordland... read more.

Laura Webb: Laura Webb and Patrick Dyess (Geology MS) are investigating ... read more.

Paul Bierman:Paul's had a busy spring teaching 200 students in Earth Hazards, presenting Greenland research... read more.

Andrew Schroth: I have continued my research on the biogeochemistry of glacial river, aerosol and coastal systems in Alaska, as well as new work studying... read more.

Stephen Wright: I've been on sabbatical this last year and have been engaged in a number of projects. Last summer I finished... read more.

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