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 Current Members

Names Positioins Years Photos
Dawei Li Principal investigator

Publications by Google Scholar
2012 - Li photo
Xun ChenPostdoctoral Associate

Publications by Google Scholar
2014 -Xun Chen
Jason KostComputational geneticist

Publications by Google Scholar
2016 -Jason_Kost
Erik Brown
Undergraduate student in Data Science
2018 -


Names Positions Years Current Positions
Ph.D students
Arvis SulovariPh.D in Cellular, Molecular and Biomedical sciences2012 - 2017Senior postdoc fellow
Guangchen Liu Ph.D in Probability and Mathematical Statistics (Joint with Shandong University, China)
2014 - 2016 Faculty position
Ph.D rotation students
Michael Mariani Ph.D student in Cellular, Molecular and Biomedical sciences program 2016 Aug - Oct
Roman Popov Ph.D student in Neuroscience graduate program 2013 Jan. - Mar Graduated
Arvis Sulovari Ph.D student in Cellular, Molecular and Biomedical sciences program 2013 Jan. - Mar Graduated
Undergraduate students
Emily LaRocque Premed postbac research student (part-time) 2012.Oct. - Nov. In Washtington
Kelly Nguyen Research student, Honors College junior in Molecular Genetics 2013
Robert BachmanResearch student, senior in Molecular Genetics2013 - 2014
Braeden Hughes
Summer student 2014Macalester College
David Miserak Volunteer software engineer 2015 - 2016
Graduate school