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Foundational Writing & Information Literacy

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The 4 FWIL Learning Goals

Courses that fulfill the FWIL requirement include a variety of course assignments and activities through which students practice and develop their abilities with these 4 FWIL Learning Goals:

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Rhetorical discernment

Rhetorical discernment is the ability to write appropriately for different audiences, contexts, and purposes. [more...]

Information literacy

Information literacy is the ability to pose appropriate questions and find reliable, relevant, and useful information to answer them. Information literacy also includes the ability to integrate sources into writing and to document sources correctly. [more...]

Critical reading

Critical reading is the ability to identify, understand, and communicate the main ideas of a text and evaluate the evidence or strategies used to support those ideas. [more...]

Substantive revision

Substantive revision requires approaching writing as a process that includes rethinking ideas and organization, not merely copyediting and correcting mistakes. [more...]

* Please note that these descriptions are the FWIL committee's attempt to use simple language to provide a wide audience a general understanding of the FWIL goals. Please click on each goal to find a more comprehensive discussion of these concepts.

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