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Foundational Writing & Information Literacy

Ancient Tradition Meets Information Age

Ancient Tradition of Writing Meets the Information Age

What is writing beyond symbols inscribed on a physical medium?  What is literacy beyond getting instructions?  Is information only as persistent and relevant as its source is perceived to be?

Whether students are intrigued by what's beyond "getting right answers" in high school, taking on a new language and culture, or finding themselves pondering deep questions in the half dark before sleep, finding ways to express themselves effectively is key to getting heard.  Using written expression and effective information tools creates an outlet for both personal journeying and relational being.

UVM meets this opportunity with a curricular requirement that encompasses four learning goals.  Support for the requirement includes ongoing professional development and student assessment.  The Foundational Writing and Information Literacy (FWIL) office, housed in the Bailey-Howe Library, is the hub of that activity on campus.

Students have a natural affinity for nuanced writing and information iteracy.  It's our job to focus on approaches and experiences known to engage and develop those urges fully, while encouraging students to pursue their own unique style and interests.  That's why we want to assure students have high-quality, nuanced opportunites to cultivate writing and information literacy skills early in their college career, as it sets the stage for productive and enjoyable learning experiences throughout their time at UVM and beyond.

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