Good Food for All: Making Healthy Food Affordable for Low-Income and At-Risk Populations

We received a fantastic range of session proposals for the Summit, which you can see below. Thank you to everyone who voted by March 10 to let us know which sessions you want to see at the Summit. We'll announce the final schedule sometime in April.

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Proposed By:

Nija Rivera


The Food Trust

Session format:


Who would benefit from attending your session?:

Any attendee interested in healthy food access could benefit from attending this session but it is suggested for individuals who are specifically interested in implementing SNAP incentive programs and increasing healthy food access among low-income and chronically ill populations.

3-5 key words related to your session topic:

For food to be truly “good” it needs to be affordable and accessible to all. For many low-income shoppers, SNAP incentives help make fresh fruits and vegetables more affordable. This session will focus on diverse partnerships to expand access to healthy food through nutrition incentive programs. The Food Trust and Wholesome Wave are among many organizations across the country that in the last several years have expanded SNAP redemption at farmers' markets and promoted related incentive programs so that shoppers receive extra dollars to purchase fresh produce. Through the USDA FINI program, there are increasing opportunities for incentives at various retail formats, as well as growth in statewide and regional incentive networks. In addition, this session will explore how institutions such as Lankenau Medical Center can launch prescription programs to connect at-risk, low income patients to healthy food retail.