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Real Food Working Group

The Real Food Working Group, in collaboration with University Dining Services, is responsible for coordinating the implementation of the Real Food Campus Commitment.

Working Group Charge

The Real Food Working Group will:

  • Develop a real food policy and multi-year food action plan for the campus;
  • Advise University Dining Services on real food purchasing decisions;
  • Conduct outreach to increase student awareness and knowledge of the Real Food Challenge;
  • Review annual Real Food Calculator assessments and annual progress report;
  • Promote cross-departmental and cross-division communication and collaboration;
  • Facilitate partnerships within the local community, including between campus dining providers and local farmers;
  • Meet annually (in the fall) with the Dining Services Advisory Committee regarding on-campus food infrastructure and meal plans as they relate to real food;
  • Conduct feasibility studies to further develop institutional real food initiatives, where necessary.
Working Group Members

The Real Food Working Group includes UVM students, faculty, staff, administration, and representatives from University Dining Services. The current membership of the group is:


  • Alyssa Johnson
  • Ani Quigley
  • Annalena Barrett
  • Jennifer Porter
  • Johannes Suppan
  • Maria Carabello
  • Melissa Sullivan
  • Ryan McNally


  • Alison Nihart (Assistant, Food Systems Initiative)
  • Dennis DePaul (Assistant Dean for Business Operations)
  • Gioia Thompson (Director, Office of Sustainability)
  • Joe Speidel (University Relations)


  • Brian Roper (Executive Chef)
  • Caylin McKee (Sustainability & Social Media Coordinator)
  • Melissa Zelazny (General Manager)


  • Cynthia Belliveau (Dean, Continuing Education)
  • Jane Kolodinsky (Chair, Community Development and Applied Economics)
  • Susie Walsh Daloz (Farmer Training Program, Cynthia Belliveau alternate)

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