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Real Food Working Group

The Real Food Working Group, in collaboration with UVM Dining, is responsible for coordinating the implementation of the Real Food Campus Commitment.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Real Food Working Group, check out the Get Involved! page.

Working Group Members

The Real Food Working Group includes UVM students, faculty, staff, administration, and representatives from University Dining Services. The current membership of the group is:


  • Alyssa Johnson (Student Co-chair)
  • Emily McDonnell (Student Co-chair)
  • Annalena Barrett
  • Nathaniel Chriest
  • Gina Clithero
  • Natalie Lovelace (Calculator Intern)
  • James McCoy
  • Olivia Peña
  • Olivia Percoco


  • Alison Nihart (Assistant, Food Systems Initiative; Staff Advisor)
  • Dennis DePaul (Assistant Dean for Business Operations)
  • Gioia Thompson (Director, Office of Sustainability; alternate: Aaron Whitham)
  • Joe Speidel (University Relations)


  • Caylin McKee (Sustainability Manager)
  • Melissa Zelazny (District Manager)
  • Katherine Hays (Executive Chef)
  • Annie Rowell (Sodexo VT First Coordinator)


  • Cynthia Belliveau (Dean, Continuing and Distance Education; alternate: Susie Walsh Daloz)
  • Sylvia Geiger (Lecturer, Nutrition and Food Sciences)
  • Jane Kolodinsky (Chair, Community Development and Applied Economics)

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