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We see UVM’s campus food system as a living laboratory for understanding the connections between production, distribution, consumption, and sustainability. In 2012, UVM signed the Real Food Campus Commitment, committing UVM to purchasing 20% "Real Food" by 2020 and solidifying the institution’s support for the development of a sustainable, local, fair, and humane food system. UVM students advocated for the Campus Commitment as part of the Real Food Challenge national campaign.

Real Food Working Group

The Real Food Working Group, in collaboration with UVM Dining, is responsible for coordinating the implementation of the Real Food Campus Commitment.

Real Food Categories

The Real Food Challenge defines "real food" as food that is local or community-based, fair, ecologically sound, and humane. Each category uses specific criteria, such as third party certifications, to determine whether a particular product qualifies as "real food."

Real Food Calculator

UVM assesses its food purchases using the Real Food Calculator developed by the Real Food Challenge.

Campus Infrastructure

UVM is also investing in food production infrastructure and renewable energy through the Clean Energy Fund:

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