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Food Systems Initiative

Food Systems Faculty

Faculty members from across the university engage in food systems research, teaching, and outreach. Food systems faculty members are listed below with their college or departmental affiliation and research interests:

Carol Adair, Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources — Global change (including climate change), ecosystem ecology, biogeochemistry, carbon storage and cycling, non-invasive plant invasions, modeling and statistics

Appala Raju Badireddy, College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences — Water and food safety, water quality and treatment, water reuse, resource recovery from solid- and liquid-food waste, sustainable environmental engineering, nanotechnology and food safety

John Barlow, Animal Science — Mastitis epidemiology, infectious disease epidemiology, zoonotic disease, antimicrobial resistance, global animal and public health

Cynthia Belliveau, Continuing and Distance Education — Educational leadership and policy studies

Linda Berlin, Center for Sustainable Agriculture; Nutrition and Food Sciences — Working across disciplines to better understand food system concerns

Elizabeth Berman, Library — Food systems reference and instruction

Farryl Bertmann, Nutrition and Food Sciences — Food security, health equity, community nutrition and dietetics 

Lynn Zanardi Blevins, Continuing and Distance Education — Food safety

Pablo Bose, Geography — Culture, space and power, transnationalism and diaspora, urban and cultural geography, political economy and ecology, India and South Asia

Sid Bosworth, Extension — Agronomy, Forages, Pasture Management

Terence Bradshaw, Horticulture Research and Education Center & Plant and Soil Science — Tree Fruit & Viticulture Specialist

Dona Brown, History — Back-to-the-land movements in the twentieth century

Mark Budolfson, Philosophy — Climate change economics, global ethics and institutions, and individual reasons for action in collective action situations

Chris Callahan, Extension — Systems and process engineering, thermal processes and heat transfer, greenhouse energy efficiency and renewable energy, oilseed processing and farm-scale biodiesel production, harvest and post-harvest processing equipment and systems

Mark Cannella, Extension — Farm financial analysis, farm business planning, project/program management, applied food systems research

Lisa Chase, Extension — Community development, tourism and recreation, environmental conflict management

Yolanda Chen, Plant and Soil Science — Insect agroecology

Binta Colley, Education and Social Services — Social studies across disciplines for k-12 classroom

David Conner, Community Development and Applied Economics — Economics of sustainable food systems

Terence Cuneo, Philosophy — Ethics, history of modern philosophy, epistemology

Heather Darby, Extension; Plant and Soil Science — Soil quality and nutrient management; grain production; organic farming; forages; hops; oilseed crops; biofuel production

Rocki-Lee DeWitt, Business — Business, management, and innovation

Anne Dixon, College of Medicine — Pulmonary medicine; effects of obesity on pulmonary disease

Tyler Doggett, Philosophy — Ethics and philosophy of mind

Cathy Donnelly, Nutrition and Food Sciences — Listeria monocytogenes

Joe Emenheiser, Extension — Diversified livestock

Josh Farley, Community Development and Applied Economics; Gund Institute for Ecological Economics — Ecological economics; development economics; economic globalization

Gillian Galford, Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources; Gund Institute for Ecological Economics — Land-cover and land-use change, ecosystems ecology, biogeochemistry, nitrogen and carbon storage and cycling, remote sensing, ecosystems modeling, environmental sustainability

Bernice Garnett, Education and Social Services — Adolescent health and public health

Eric Garza, Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources — Energy and food systems

Sylvia Geiger, Nutrition and Food Sciences — Culinary nutrition, institutional food service

John Gennari, English

Sabrina Greenwood, Animal Science — Genetics, health, food systems

Vern Grubinger, Extension — Commercial horticulture, soil health, organic and sustainable agriculture

Jean Harvey, Nutrition and Food Sciences — Behavioral weight control and lifestyle modification

Sarah Heiss, Community Development and Applied Economics — Applied public communications and food systems

Dan Hudson, Extension — Farm profitability and overall sustainability

Stephanie Hurley, Plant and Soil Science — Sustainable landscape design for urban agriculture

Shoshanah Inwood, Community Development and Applied Economics — Rural sociology, sociology of agriculture and food systems, community sociology, gender, food system development, agricultural at the rural-urban interface

Vic Izzo, Plant and Soil Science — Evolutionary biology, agroecological approaches to sustainable food production

Rachel Johnson, Nutrition and Food Sciences — National nutrition policy, pediatric nutrition, dietary intake methodology, energy metabolism and diet and cardiovascular health

Paul Kindstedt, Nutrition and Food Sciences — Chemistry, biochemistry, structure and function of cheese

Christopher Koliba, Community Development and Applied Economics — Governance networks and public policy

Jane Kolodinsky, Community Development and Applied Economics — Applied economics, consumer policy, food system, marketing

Felicia Kornbluh, Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies — History of women, gender, and sexuality; legal history; social welfare; public policy; disability

Eugene Korsunskiy, College of Arts and Sciences — Design thinking

Jana Kraft, Animal Science — Biotechnology, health, and food systems

Steven Kostell, Art & Art History — Handmade paper, printmaking, artist books, and multi-channel audio/video installations

Brian Lee, College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences — Transportation

Teresa Mares, Anthropology — Anthropology of sustainable food systems

Stephanie McKay, Animal Science — Genetics and biotechnology

Ernesto Mendez, Plant and Soil Science — Agroecology

Scott Merrill, Plant and Soil Science — Pest-crop agroecosystems, climate change

Libby Miles, English — rhetorics of food production and consumption

Cheryl Morse, Geography — Geography of health and food systems

Deborah Neher, Plant and Soil Science — Soil ecology and agroecology

Ingrid Nelson, Geography — Political ecology; geographies of food production in rural areas

Meredith Niles, Nutrition and Food Sciences — Food policy, farmer behavior and decision-making, food security, food systems sustainability, food systems and climate change

Kate Nolfi, Philosophy — Food ethics

Omar Oyarzabal, Extension — Food safety

Jason Parker, Plant and Soil Science — Anthropology, natural resources, food safety, food systems

Bob Parsons, Community Development and Applied Economics — Farm management, agricultural extension, rural community development

Timothy Perkins, Proctor Maple Research Center — Maple production, forestry

Walter Poleman, Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources — Integrated field science, landscape ecology, and place-based education

Lizzy Pope, Nutrition and Food Sciencess — Behavioral economics, nutrition

Taylor Ricketts, Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources; Gund Institute for Ecological Economics — Pollination ecology, ecological economics, ecosystem services

Eric Roy, Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources — Nutrient biogeochemistry and management, ecological engineering, material flow analysis

Benjamin Suratt, College of Medicine — Pulmonary medicine, effects of obesity on pulmonary disease

Amy Trubek, Nutrition and Food Sciences — Cultural anthropology

Abby Van Den Berg, Proctor Maple Research Center — Plant physiological ecology and maple syrup chemistry

Tom Vogelmann, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences — Plant biology

Susie Walsh Daloz, Continuing and Distance Education Farmer Training Program — Sustainable agriculture production

Qingbin Wang, Community Development and Applied Economics — Microeconomics, market analysis, econometrics, and international trade

Adam Whalley, Chemistry — Organic chemistry, materials chemistry and science

Lini Wollenberg, Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources; Gund Institute for Ecological Economics — Climate change mitigation and agriculture

Asim Zia, Community Development and Applied Economics — Policy analysis and evaluation, collaborative governance, decision theory

Are you a UVM faculty member teaching or researching food systems topics? We’d love to add you to this list! Email and ask to be added.

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