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UVM Extension Virtual TTF Workshop: Farm Case Studies

First-Hand Experience: Farm Case Studies

When families get started with transferring the farm, sometimes they feel like they are charting brand new ground. "How have other families done this?" is a common question asked at our in-person workshops. To give you some ideas of how other farm families are transferring the farm and the issues they have faced on their farms, please see the following video clips.

Please note: every family and every farm is unique! What is working on these farms may or may not work on yours. We provide these farm case studies to show just some scenarios and that transferring the farm is indeed possible!!

North Williston Cattle Company Farm Family Case Study

Richardson Family Farm Case Study


Hall and Breen Farm Family Case Study

Additional Resources:

  • New York's FarmNet program also has compiled a set of farm transfer stories, which are available in hard copy for purchase.

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