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FarmLASTS: Research

II. Research Reports

Research Approach

Our research teams investigated and evaluated farm and ranch access, tenure, succession and stewardship in the U.S. FarmLASTS Project researchers looked at how farms and ranches are acquired and held by farm entrants, and how new land tenure and transfer approaches can improve opportunities for farm viability and land stewardship.

The research objectives for the project were to investigate and evaluate:
1. Farm entry through traditional and non-traditional land tenure arrangements;
2. Farmland succession planning and execution strategies; and
3. Environmental impacts associated with farmland tenure and succession arrangements.

The report emphasizes successful and new approaches and models to address the challenges identified by researchers, field informants, focus groups, case study interviewees and participants at the national conference sponsored by the project. Public policy, programming and research recommendations were generated.

Research Group

G.W. Stevenson (University of Wisconsin emeritus) coordinated three research teams led by Jess Gilbert and Michael Bell (University of Wisconsin/ Madison) and John Baker (Iowa State University). Their graduate students--Chandra Hinton, Julie Keller (University of Wisconsin/Madison) and Ethan Epley (Iowa State University)--assisted them with this project. The research working group also included subject matter experts and focus group facilitators. The three areas examined by the research teams included:

  • Farmland access and tenure for farm entrants;
  • Farm succession challenges for exiting farm operators; and
  • The impacts of tenure and succession arrangements on land use and the environment.

Research Report and Recommendations

The research report and recommendations, in their entirety, are available below as a PDF file:

Research Report and Recommendations from the FarmLASTS Project



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