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OMK components and how YOU can help

Hero Packs
Activity Nights
Ready, Set, Go! (RSG!) Trainings
Family Days
Mobile Technology Lab (MTL)
Speak out for Military Kids

Operation: Military Kids invites you to LEARN about our program, BECOME a volunteer, IMPLEMENT OMK into your events...
If you are looking for volunteer opportunities, OMK can connect you to military service providers looking for volunteers. If you are a service provider in need of volunteers, OMK can help you find volunteers and train them to use OMK curriculum and activities.

Hero Packs

What are they?
Hero Packs serve as a tangible expression of support for Military Families from their communities and OMK Partners. Hero Packs are filled by non-military youth and community organizations with mementos and items designed to help keep military kids connected with their deployed parent. They are a way to hand-deliver a salute to military children and youth for their strength and sacrifices while parents are deployed. A Hero Pack project involves local non-military youth groups and/or community organizations in a valuable community service effort that demonstrates thanks and support from their peers in the community.

  • Appreciation
    The Hero Pack as a whole serves as a salute and token of thanks to a military child experiencing the deployment of a parent.
  • Content
    • Items included in the Packs are a balanced collection of family support materials, communication tools, and fun items the recipient can enjoy with their siblings, remaining parent/relatives, or friends. The most important item of each Hero Pack is a handwritten letter of thanks and appreciation from a local non-military youth.
    • Parent Pouches are also included in all OMK Hero Packs and are an important collection of information for the parent of the recipient.  Parent Pouches are filled with local resource and referral information, OMK Partner information, local youth programming information, etc. that can assist military children and families during this stressful deployment time.

How can Volunteers help?

    • Help contact schools and arrange delivery.
    • Drop off/deliver Hero Packs at home/school/activity.
    • Contact other volunteers in the area about Hero Pack deliveries.

Activity Nights:

What are they?
Throughout the year OMK welcomes collaborations with community groups/members to offer fun activity nights for kids throughout the state. These activity nights vary greatly (from a “Hero Game Night” for military youth of all ages to a “Junior Chef’s Night” for kids in grades 3-6) depending on what that community group is looking to offer.
How can Volunteers help?

    • By coordinating/hosting their own activity night.
    • By assisting with an already existing activity night.
    • Contacting a community group that might be interested in offering an activity night.


OMK will be looking for applicants for an unpaid internship that will be offered throughout the year. Interns will be working alongside the OMK State Coordinator, AmeriCorps* Vista as well as the OMK VT State Team. They will be assisting in event planning as well as volunteer recruiting. This will be a great way for young professionals to get experience in a professional environment.

Ready, Set, Go! Trainings:

What are they?
Ready, Set, Go! (RSG!) Community trainings are designed to increase non-military youth workers, educators, counselors and other community members understanding of:

  • the unique issues facing military youth
  • military culture
  • the deployment cycle
  • fostering resilience in youth and

To engage them in building State and Local community networks to provide support for military children and youth.

How can Volunteers help?

  • By delivering different trainings to a variety of community groups.

What can OMK offer?

  • OMK will offer trainings on delivering RSG! presentations.
  • We will also provide the specific PowerPoint and sit down and go through the presentation.

Family Days

What are they?
OMK will often collaborate with State Partners to provide full day events for Military Families.
A few examples of what we’ve done in the past are:

  • Military Family Fun and Fitness Day
    • Partner: Burlington YMCA
    • Family Zumba class
    • Parents met with a trainer and worked out
    • Children had the choice to spend time in the gym, do an art project, or help with meal preparation
    • Received dinner!

How Volunteers can help?

  • Sit on the planning committee.
  • Help contact organizations interested in making donations.
  • Help get information out to families.
  • Assist during the event.


What are they?
OMK offers numerous camps for youth during the summer and school vacation throughout the state.
An example of what we’ve done in the past are:

  • February Vacation Camp: “CSI Lyndon”
    • A great all-day week-long camp where students learned the basics of a Criminal Science Investigation and became mini-Detectives!
    • Children learned about the science of fingerprinting, crime scene investigation evaluation techniques, shoeprint and tool mark analysis and much more!

How can Volunteers help?

  • Become a camp counselor.
  • Assist on one or more days during the camp.
  • Sit on the planning committee.
  • Lead an activity during the week.

Donations: Collect/ Provide

For certain events OMK will reach out to Vermont businesses for donations.

How can Volunteers help?

  • Contacting businesses for in-kind donations.
  • Make a donation!

Monetary Donation information:

  • Make checks out to : The University of Vermont
  • Memo Line: Operation: Military Kids Fund

Mobile Technology Lab (MTL):

What is it?

The OMK Mobile Technology Lab (MTL) is a mobile, internet-ready computer lab for use in a variety of settings. The lab provides access to technology for military youth to communicate with deployed loved ones, learn about technology, enhance educational experiences, or make videos/pictures, etc. to send to deployed loved ones.   MTLs include: laptop computers configured for the internet; digital video camera; scanner/and software packages, e.g., video/photo editing and webpage design. 

Military youth use the MTL for creating messages, banners, photos, videos and even podcasts to share events with their parent(s). Service Members have used the MTL to tape stories and leave video messages behind for their children.

How can Volunteers help?

  • Lead an MTL activity
  • Assist with an MTL activity
  • Develop MTL curriculum

What OMK can offer:

  • Trainings in how to use the MTL.

Speak Out for Military Kids:

What is it?
Speak Out for Military Kids (SOMK) is OMK’s youth-driven community outreach program. Through participation in SOMK, military and non-military youth help generate community awareness of issues faced by military youth when a parent is in the deployment cycle. SOMK provides youth participants with the opportunity to gain valuable leadership, research, organization, technology, and public speaking and presentation skills. Youth use these skills to foster activism in supporting military youth in their communities.
SOMK youth:

  • Raise community awareness of issues faced by geographically dispersed military children and youth
  • Foster community support for the sacrifices made by military Families
  • Acquire knowledge and skills in developing creative and informative presentations using a variety of different media
  • Gain leadership, technology, research, organization, & public presentation skills

How can Volunteers help?

  • Recruit youth for SOMK.
  • Lead an SOMK training/event.
  • Assist with a training/ event.
  • Become a group leader.


Thank You for showing interest in helping OMK. We couldn’t do it without you!

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