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Ready Set Go! Training Topics

Operation: Military Kids – Ready, Set Go! Training Topics
OMK Vermont offers a general informational presentation about the organization, its mission, and vital need for programming and education for all Vermonters about the realities and impacts of deployment on children and families. OMK also offers “Ready, Set, Go!” trainings and workshops relating to specific aspects of deployment. These trainings focus on ways that communities can best identify and respond to resulting behaviors and feelings in children and teens while promoting positive outcomes.  Below please find the list of topics and their respective purposes and objectives.

To request a “Ready, Set, Go!” training for your school, organization, group, business, or community please contact Stephanie Atwood at (802) 656-0346 or

*Training length varies depending on the topic(s); average length is between 30 minutes to two hours. OMK will work with you to the find an appropriate amount of time for your group based on the information being presented and time available.

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Military Culture

Purpose: The lesson will provide participants with an overview of Overseas Contingency Operation’s effects on military children and the unique challenges faced by youth whose parents are in the military. It will also introduce participants to the structure of the Active and Reserve components of each of the military services.


  • Provide an overview of Overseas Contingency Operation’s effects on children.
  • Provide an overview of the structure and youth programs of the Active and Reserve military components.
  • Explain the differences between Active Duty and Reserve Component Structures.


Emotional Cycle of Deployment     

Purpose: Understand the cycle of deployment and its effects.


  • Understand the emotional cycle of deployment
  • Understand the stages of the emotional cycle of deployment.
  • Understand separation anxiety and its symptoms.
  • Understand strengths, stressors, and appropriate responses to deployment.


Stress and Coping Strategies                                           

Purpose: Explain developmental impact of stress on children and youth and age specific techniques to provide support.


  • Understand wide variety of ways stress impacts children and youth.
  • Identify age appropriate strategies to support children and youth coping with stress.


Impact of Grief, Loss, and Trauma                                                                                   

Purpose: To learn about the unique issues impacting military families – particularly children and youth – and to identify behavioral and emotional reactions associated with grief, loss, and trauma.


  • Understand general child and youth reactions to grief, loss, and trauma at various developmental stages.
  • Identify academic, behavioral, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual impact to grief, loss, and trauma on youth.
  • Identify adult strategies to provide support and assistance.


Fostering Resilience in Children and Youth                                                                               

Purpose: Define and describe resilience. Identify strategies necessary to foster resiliency in children and youth.


  • Understand risk, protective factors, and developmental assets, and their relationship to resilience.
  • Identify and apply four basic steps to fostering resilience in children and youth.


Understanding the Influence of the Media                                                                               

Purpose: Understand the effect of the media on children and youth.


  • Understand the influence of the media on children and youth.
  • Understand how to talk with children about terrorism and war and the images from the media.

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