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Hi! I am Zachary and I am 12 years old. At web buildings workshop we talked about different kinds of stress and how things can be even worse because someone in my family is in the army. While my dad is away, him being gone really stresses me out. This is harder when my dad is away because we do a lot of stuff together. On my page you can find some ways I have learned to deal with stress and make it better. Three strategies of mine are to go to a comfort place, don't worry about it, and do something to get your mind off the stress. Not to worry about it is my favorite choice because you can calm down. The others are great too! See if these might help you :)!

    Describing Zachary
  1. likes to draw
  2. likes ice fishing
  3. likes math
  4. likes green l a.k.a. hal jordan

you can play games to take your mind off all of your stress you should go to www.onemorelevel.comthis is a good website because there's lots of games most of the games are fun. You also can draw to take your mind off your stress.

    test stress
  1. if you are stressed on a test study before the day of the test in the morning and also a little bit before the test
  2. have your mom or dad study with you also have them ask you questions that are on the test
  3. also cool down dont worry about the test
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