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Hello! My name is Sasha and I am 12 years old. At the workshop for web building, I went to, I learned how to create a website in Notebook++ to help myself and other's with stress management (to view my website Click Here!). All kids face stress during their life but for a military kid it can be way harder, than normal kid's life, to face the stress. this stress grows even harder to face when their parent is deployed away from home. I can relate to this first hand because I am in that group, because my dad is in the army. It can really stress some out to have their parent sent away frequently. As they grow older it becomes harder because they do not to spend very much time with their parent. On my website I have listed some ways to deal with stress. A few of my favorites are, reading, doing a calming activity, and talking to friend about it. These may help you but if it dosn't you can always do one that fits you better!


Watch the trailer to one of my favorite books! Hunger Games




Calming Activity

One way to handle Stress

One way to handle stress is to do a calming activity. Calming activities will calm your mind and body to create a peaceful enviroment. Some of the calming activities I complete are writing, reading, and drawing. The calming activities help you take your mind off what is going on, and focus on something you enjoy doing. Remember that it is important to do something you enjoy, or you will not feel any better

    Good Calming Activities
  • Reading a good book
  • Listening to music
  • Writing: Kid Writer's Club
  • Drawing a picture

Sneek peek to Wolf Stones; Chapter 2; Teary Eyes:

“Just don’t look suspicious.” I whispered to my sister. I could see her muscles tense and a frown stretch across her face. She was reliving memories, I could tell by the way her eyes seemed to gray. I wanted to hug her and tell her that those memories were just dreams but they were not. They were real. As real as life itself. We kept walking, trying to look like we fit in. As we walked pass the GOG officers only one of them, who looked only a couple of years older than us, paid any attention to us. I could see him sneering at us. “Ha! I am so superior to these farms folk!” his expression hinted. All of them probably figured that we were just the kids of one of the both sellers. And that’s what we wanted them to think. I had a plan, as I always do. I steered us towards Old Wooly’s booth. When we got there I proclaimed: “Here’s the wool uncle!” I could tell that Susan knew what I was doing, and so she went along with it. “I think someone dropped this bag of berries at the unloading station!” She yelled. A voice from farther in shouted, “Oh those are mine!” Susan walked over to the booth that I now recognized as Sally’s and handed the wildfer berries to her. I could see a flash of silver as Sally hugged Susan in thanks, and next thing I knew Susan was back over. She grinned and I could see a shining, silver piece of Dichalca in between her seemingly perfect teeth. I almost laughed at her slyness.