My Message

Hi! I am Spencer. I am 15 years old and I am from Underhill, Vermont. At a web building workshop, we talked about different kinds of stress and things to help deal with it. But since my bestfriends famliy member is in the national gard it's hard on both of us. Mostly because we can't see eachother as much because she is always helping her family.

    About Me
  • I'm 15yrs old
  • I live in Underhill VT
  • I love cats
  • I have a little brother, Jack.
  • I have 2 dogs, Scout and Lola, a cat, Jasper, and a turtle named Speeder.
    Stratgey One
  • I listen to music.
  • I normally listen to music that matches my mood.
  • It helps me focus on something else.
  • It calms me down so I can focus on my stress later.

Strategy Two
  • I talk to my friends or family
  • I like to vent to people and I know I can trust the people I vent to.
  • I like to have someone elses opinion to compare mine to theirs.
  • It helps to talk through it with someone who is willing to help.
      Strategy Three
  • I clean
  • It keeps me focused on something other than the stress.
  • I find little things in my room that keep me distracted.
  • It clears my mind so I can have a different out look on the situation.