My Message

Hi, my name is Megan. I am 15 years old and live in Underhill, Vermont. At a web building workshop, we talked about different kinds of stress and things that can help deal with it. But for me, sometimes my stress can get worse because my mom is in the National Guard because she's working a lot. It's hard when my mom is away becuase I have to take on a lot of responsibilities to help my family. On my page you can find some ways that I have learned to deal with the stress that I encounter, and help me deal with it. Three strategies I have are going for walks, listening to music, and venting. Going for a walk is my favorite because I can take a break and really be able to think about it without being super angry or sad. I hope these help you deal with your stress, whether it's alike mine or not!

My Bad Habits

Some of my not-so-great ways of handling stress include eating, taking it out on myself, and avoiding thinking about it. Sometime when I am mad, I don't notice, but I start eating. I end up eating a lot and don't really notice. It's a very bad habit and I really should find a better way to solve my stress. Taking it out on myself is when I become really hard on myself and when something goes wrong, I react badly. I think I am harder on myself then anyone else is to me. Another bad habit that I need to break. And finally the one that people usually do is avoid the stress. It's easy, quick, but probably the worst thing you can do. You need to deal with it by facing it, not running away from it.

    About Me
  • 15 Years Old
  • Middle Child
  • Love Cats!
  • Underhill, Vermont
    Strategy One: Take a Walk
  • It really is able to help me clear my head and get away from whatever it is that is bugging me.
  • When I do this I am able to think about my problem and solve it if possible.
  • This really works for me, I hope it works for you too:)
    Strategy Two: Listen to Music
  • " "Miserable at Best" Mayday Parade... Sad, but makes me feel better.
  • "
  • "Trade Mistakes" Panic at the Disco...
  • "Words" Skylar Grey...
    Strategy Three: Venting
  • Everyone needs to vent sometimes, whether it's to a parent, friend, or even sibling.
  • I have found a lot of people to confide in, so I can gather different opinions.
  • When I find myself bottling all my feelings inside, small things get to me more... Venting or letting something get to you doesn't make you weak... Being able to express those feelings makes you strong.