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Hi! I'm Mackenzie. I am 17 years old and im from Upstate N.Y. At a web building workshop, we talked about diffrent kinds of stress and tings that can help deal with it. But, for me, sometimes my stress can be even be worse because someone in my family is in the Army. While my Dad is away home life get more stresful because of the extra chores that we have to do and the stress of worring about him. On my page, you can find some ways i have learned to deal with my stress and make it better. Three straregies of mine are listening to music, Playing Hockey and going for a drive. There are also many other things to do to help you and your stress so see if some of these can help you!

    About me

  • Upstate NY
  • 17 years old
  • Dads in Military
  • 5 brothers
  • I love Playing Hockey

    Do Something Active

  • Play Street Hockey
  • Ride your Bike
  • Go Swiming down at the lake
  • Go For A Drive