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4-H'ers Shine at Vermont State Fair

4-H horse project members Breanna Johnson, Shrewsbury (left), with a vintage 4-H flag and Betsy Coburn, Castleton, wearing a 4-H uniform circa 1955, wait with their horses for the start of the 4-H Parade at the Vermont State Fair, held Aug. 15-19 in Rutland. (photo courtesy of UVM Extension 4-H)

Rutland--The 4-H program at the Vermont State Fair in Rutland recently saw tremendous participation by 4-H'ers, primarily from Bennington and Rutland County 4-H clubs.

The 75 exhibitors, ages 6 to 18, entered exhibits in several 4-H departments at the fair, showing fairgoers what they have accomplished in 4-H projects this year. Some also showed livestock, presented educational talks and demonstrations or participated in the 4-H horse show.

The Aug. 15-19 fair concluded on Saturday evening with an awards ceremony on the Sugar House Stage. The emcees for the evening were winners of the Monroe Public Speaking Award, Kerry Crossman, Castleton, and PJ Fiegel, Arlington.

Winner of the McKirryher Family Watch Award was Evelyn Trujillo, North Clarendon. The watch is awarded to the Rutland County 4-H club member who earns the highest number of points for 4-H exhibits, demonstrations and leadership activities at the fair.

Individual awards winners in each department were as follows:

CONSERVATION: RCSWD Recycled Material Award and the Crossman Award--Kerry Crossman, Castleton


  • Will B. Davis Award and the Frank Bovey Award--Abigail Armstrong, Granville, New York; Rob Hathaway Award--Dana Seward, East Wallingford; Pauline Bovey Award--Patty Bruce, East Wallingford; Pauline Bovey Reserve Award--Lorryn Trujillo, North Clarendon; Ethier Acres Award, Rose Tarbell, Middletown Springs. Dan Hornbeck Dairy Knowledge Awards: Senior--Dana Seward, East Wallingford; Junior--Owen Seward, East Wallingford; Novice--Wyatt Tarbell, Middletown Springs
  • Dairy Herdsperson Awards: Senior Herdsperson--Calvin Seward, East Wallingford; Junior Herdsperson--Owen Seward, East Wallingford; Novice Herdsperson--Haedyn Williams, West Pawlet; Best Club Herd--Otter Creek Dairy Club, Clarendon
  • Outstanding Dairy Breed Exhibitors: Ayrshire--Jack Bartholomew, Benson; Brown Swiss, Guernsey and Milking Shorthorn--Abigail Armstrong, Granville, New York; Holstein--Mackenzie Clark, Bomoseen; Jersey--Evelyn Trujillo, North Clarendon
  • Premier Exhibitor: Owned animal--Abigail Armstrong, Granville, New York; Leased animal--Mackenzie Clark, Bomoseen

DOGS: Best of Show (Fitting and Showmanship)--Nikka Thornton, Middletown Springs; Best of Show (Obedience), Ryah Whitehorne, Wallingford

FINE ARTS AND CRAFTS: Heleba Award--Breanna Munger, Benson

FOODS (COOKING AND BAKING): Best in Show--Reilly Battease, Clarendon; Rutland County Maple Producers Award--Emily Shields, Benson

FOOD PRESERVATION: Orrie Graham Award--Reilly Battease, Clarendon

HORSES: Quizbowl--Senior--Betsy Colburn, Castleton; Junior--Emeillia Gomo, Chester; Novice--Grace Trahnstrom, Mendon. General Knowledge--Grace Trahnstrom, Mendon; Horse Judging--Betsy Colburn, Castleton; Parts of a Horse (five-way tie)--Elyza Bird, Benson; Betsy Colburn, Castleton; Tayah Fuller, Poultney; Emeillia Gomo, Chester; Grace Trahnstrom, Mendon. Stable Management: Senior (tie)--Betsy Colburn, Castleton, and Olivia Peer, West Rutland; Junior--Emeillia Gomo, Chester; Novice--Grace Trahnstrom, Mendon. Fitting and Showmanship and Project Up: Senior--Betsy Colburn, Castleton; Junior--Emeillia Gomo, Chester; Novice--Tayah Fuller, Poultney. Equitation: Senior--Betsy Colburn, Castleton; Junior--Emeillia Gomo, Chester; Novice--Dominique Cave, Poultney. Pleasure: Senior--Elyza Bird, Benson; Junior--Emeillia Gomo, Chester; Novice--Dominique Cave, Poultney. Most Improved: Emily Flanders, Mount Holly. Sportsmanship Award: Olivia Williams, Center Rutland. Best Decorated Stall: Dominique Cave, Poultney. Equine Award: Emeillia Gomo, Chester. High Point Award: Betsy Colburn, Castleton

HORTICULTURE: Williams Farmstead Award (senior show person)--Kerry Crossman, Castleton;  Otter Valley Supply Award (junior show person)--Jack Bartholomew, Benson; Best in Show flowers/plants--Breanna Munger, Benson; Agatha Hopkins, Brandon; Raven Collett, Benson; Tayah Fuller, Poultney

PHOTOGRAPHY: Boyce Family Award--Isabella Barber, Clemons, New York; Martin/Giffin Award--Breanna Johnson, Shrewsbury; Sabatino Award--Elyza Bird, Benson; Best in Show Awards: Best Person(s) and/or Animal(s) Photo--Tristin Sumner, Granville, New York; Best Scenic Photo--Elivia Lapre, Rutland; Best Sequence of three Photos Telling Story--Emeillia Gomo, Chester; Most Creative Selfie--Josie Royce, North Clarendon; Best Color Photo-- Cheyenne Steves, Fair Haven; Best Black-and-White Photo--Elyza Bird, Benson

PUBLIC SPEAKING: Monroe Public Speaking Award (senior)--Kerry Crossman, Castleton; Monroe Public Speaking Award (junior)--PJ Fiegel, Arlington

RABBITS: Best in Show and Best fur--Hunter Greene, North Clarendon; Best Opposite in Show--Damian Peer, North Clarendon; Best Grade--Breanna Munger, Benson; People's Choice Award--Kerry Crossman, Castleton

SEWING AND FIBER CRAFTS: Bald Peak Homemakers Awards--Breanna Munger, Benson; Charlton Family Award and the Knitting Award--Raven Collett, Benson; Collett Family Needlework Award--Kelsey Adams, Pittsford

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math): Best in Show--Wyatt Tarbell, Middletown Springs

A number of special awards also were given out. These included:

  • 4-H Leadership Award: Reilly Battease, Clarendon
  • Munchkin Farm 4-H Kitchen Award: Charity White, Rutland
  • Rev. Olaf Johnson Memorial Award: Olivia Jones, Middletown Springs
  • Ruth Kirchner Memorial Award:  Abigail Armstrong, Granville, New York
  • Rutland County Agricultural Society Officers and Trustees Award: Lorryn Trujillo, North Clarendon

To learn more about the 4-H program in Bennington and Rutland Counties, contact UVM Extension 4-H educator Kimberly Griffin at