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Local 4-H'ers Compete In 4-H Dairy Show in Hartland

The Windsor/Windham 4-H Dairy Show Fitting and Showmanship Champions pose with their winning animals. From left to right, Junior Champion Nora Rice, Hartland; Senior Champion Jenna Rice, Hartland; and Novice Champion Riley Cross, Reading. The dairy show was held July 19 at the Hartland Riding Club in Hartland. (photo: Lisa Muzzey/UVM Extension)

Hartland--Several local 4-H dairy club members participated in the 2014 Windsor/Windham County 4-H Dairy Show, July 19, at the Hartland Riding Club in Hartland. The show was sponsored by University of Vermont (UVM) Extension and Windsor/Windham County 4-H.

In the fitting and showmanship competition, the judge evaluates how well each exhibitor presents and handles his or her animal in the show ring. Classes are arranged according to the age of the competitor.

In this competition Jenna Rice, Hartland, (Hartland Cattle Club) was named Senior Fitting and Showing Champion. Nora Rice, Hartland (Hartland Cattle Club) earned the Junior Fitting and Showing Championship. The Novice Fitting and Showing Champion was Riley Cross, Reading (Top of the World 4-H Club).

All participants in the fitting and showmanship contests received a bucket and lead from the Windsor Country Farm Bureau. Winners, by age group and in order of placement, were:

  • SENIOR DIVISION (ages 14 to 19 years old): Jenna Rice, Hartland, (Hartland Cattle Club); Gretta Stack, Hartland (Hartland Cattle Club); Leah Titus, Reading (Top of the World 4-H Club); Max Buskey, Lebanon, N.H. (Hartland Cattle Club)
  • JUNIOR DIVISION (ages 11-13 years old): Nora Rice, Hartland (Hartland Cattle Club); Kennedy Moore, South Reading (Top of the World 4-H Club); Maria Shontz, Reading (Top of the World 4-H Club); Stephen Scherer, Barnard (Hartland Cattle Club); Megan Fogg, Windsor (Hartland Cattle Club)
  • NOVICE DIVISION (8-10 years old): Riley Cross, Reading (Top of the World 4-H Club); Caleb Palazzo, Reading (Top of the World 4-H Club); Gabby Shontz, Hartland (Top of the World 4-H Club); Silvia Hale, Hartland (Hartland Cattle Club); Alex Gray, Hartland (Hartland Cattle Club);  Hannah Dolloff, Springfield (independent 4-H member); Mary Scherer, Barnard (Hartland Cattle Club)


The 4-H'ers also competed in conformation classes, which are arranged according to age and breed of animal. In these classes, the animals were evaluated for appearance, physical structure and overall condition.

Supreme Champion of All Breeds went to Gretta Stack, Hartland, for her three-year-old Jersey cow. Reserve Supreme Champion of All Breeds was Hannah Dolloff, Springfield, for her Holstein winter calf.

Breed championships were as follows:

  • HOLSTEIN: Junior Champion and Grand Champion: Hannah Dolloff, Springfield, for her Holstein spring calf
  • JERSEY: Senior Champion and Grand Champion: Gretta Stack, Hartland, for her three-year-old Jersey cow. Junior Champion: Maria Shontz, Reading, with her winter yearling heifer

Winners in individual conformation classes, by breed and class, in order of placement were:

  • HOLSTEIN SPRING CALF: Hannah Dolloff, Springfield
  • HOLSTEIN WINTER CALF: Hannah Dolloff, Springfield
  • JERSEY FALL CALF: Max Buskey. Lebanon, N.H.; Silvia Hale, Hartland; Alex Gray, Hartland; Caleb Palazzo, Reading; Gabby Shontz, Reading
  • JERSEY SPRING CALF: Stephen Scherer, Barnard
  • JERSEY WINTER CALF: Megan Fogg, Windsor; Mary Scherer, Barnard
  • JERSEY FALL YEARLING: Leah Titus, Reading
  • JERSEY SPRING YEARLING: Max Buskey, Lebanon, N.H.; Kennedy Moore, South Reading
  • JERSEY SUMMER YEARLING: Riley Cross, Reading
  • JERSEY WINTER YEARLING: Maria Shontz, Reading
  • JERSEY THREE-YEAR-OLD COW: Gretta Stack, Hartland; Jenna Rice, Hartland; Nora Rice, Hartland
  • JERSEY FOUR-YEAR-OLD COW: Nora Rice, Hartland

In addition, Gretta Stack received a special award from the Vermont Jersey Breeders Association. The Herdsmanship Award, presented to the 4-H club that maintains the cleanest area, has the most attractive display and is the friendliest and most courteous group at the show, was presented to the Hartland Cattle Club.

To learn more about the 4-H dairy program in Windsor and Windham Counties, contact Lisa Muzzey, UVM Extension 4-H educator, at (802) 885-8386 or by e-mail at