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Did you know that 82 percent of adults say after-school programs are essential for their communities? Did you know that at least seven million and as many as 15 million "latchkey children" return to an empty house on any given afternoon looking for some fun after school? Learn more statistics like along with marketing and evaluation tools, resources and information from the 4-H national after-school website.

4-H After School

4-H is here to make your after school time fun and rich with opportunities. Read more in the 4-H after-school fact sheet (PDF).

Program sites can offer 4-H opportunities to youth by:

  • Starting a 4-H club at a site, with one or more projects.
  • Hosting a 4-H special interest program at a site.
  • Transporting interested youth from several sites to an offsite location for a special interest program.
  • Informing youth about 4-H opportunities such as the 4-H gardening program or 4-H summer camps.

University of Vermont Extension 4-H can provide program sites with the following:

  • Screening for 4-H volunteer applicants.
  • Orientation, training, and ongoing support for 4-H club leader(s).
  • Training and support for 4-H special interest program leader(s).
  • Nationally juried curriculum designed to teach life skills in a hands-on manner.
  • Training for program staff in the Targeting Life Skills model for program planning and evaluation.
  • Evaluation of life skill development using Targeting Life Skills evaluation tool and software.
  • Structure for out-of-school time with activities.
  • Relationship building by focusing on leadership and interactions between all members of the 4-H club.

For more information on what programs are available in your area or about starting one, contact:

Sarah Kleinman, 4-H Program Director
802-656-0311 or 1-866-800-9944, e-mail:

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