PSR exemption survey

PSR Exemption Survey (English)
Added by Stuart Vermaak • Last updated November 8, 2018
Author: Stuart Vermaak
Type: Add-on / Supplemental Educational Material, Fact Sheets, Coverage Assessment Tools, Tools & Calculators
Topic: General (PSR), Produce Safety Rule (PSR)
State: VA

One of the largest challenges of the implementation of the Produce Safety Rule (PSR) for producers, regulators and educators is effectively understanding and communicating if a produce operation is covered by the PSR and if so, to what extent. No two produce operations are alike and with the regulatory language of the PSR, it can be difficult to understand/know by simply reading of the PSR if a produce operation is covered, exempt or qualified exempt. The following survey was developed in order to assist produce operation owners or stakeholders in understanding if the PSR covers their operation and if so, what are they required to do for compliance.

This tool has been reviewed and approved by Virginia Tech and Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) and has been adopted and published on the VDACS website. It is also used by extension agents to assist growers.

It is available in both English and Spanish in electronic form and a printable version. 



Produce Safety Alliance (PSA) Website
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Type: National Curricula
Topic: General (PSR); Produce Safety Rule (PSR); Worker Health, Hygiene & Training; Soil Amendments; Wildlife, Domestic Animals & Land Use; Ag Water (Preharvest); Ag Water (Postharvest); Postharvest Handling & Sanitation; Food Safety Plans