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EFNEP Adult Programs

Individual Home Visits

EFNEP Nutrition Educators conduct free lessons with program participants in their homes on a weekly basis over the period of several months. Lessons are tailored to the needs and interests of the participants. Lessons are interactive and include food preparation instruction, recipes, grocery store tours and other hands-on activities. In order to receive the EFNEP Certificate of Graduation, participants need to complete at least six lessons.

Small Group Classes

EFNEP Nutrition Educators collaborate with community agencies to offer free small group classes to their eligible clientele.  Classes are typically six weeks long and are held in a community setting. Classes involve a combination of group discussion and hands-on activities designed to empower participants to make healthier choices for themselves and their families.  In order to receive the EFNEP Certificate of Graduation, participants need to complete at least six lessons.

Target audience: Participants are limited-resource parents and guardians of children ages birth through 19, and expectant mothers. The program is offered through organizations that work with the target population such as local family centers, Head Start, the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC), and Community Action Agencies.

Class topics: Topics covered in EFNEP curricula broadly include: USDA's MyPlate, Physical Activity, Food Safety, Saving Money, Picky Eaters, Planning Meals, WIC Foods, Growing Food, Eating Better, Making Healthy Choices, Storing Food and Making Healthier Recipes.

Around the Table with EFNEP

Around the Table with EFNEP is an Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program curriculum for adults developed by EFNEP staff at the University of Vermont. The curriculum addresses issues identified as significant to our stakeholders, foremost of which is a flexible, learner-centered approach that is engaging, hands-on and fun.

Around the Table with EFNEP is designed for EFNEP nutrition educators to use when teaching limited-resource families with young children to learn healthy lifestyle choices.

Each Around the Table with EFNEP lesson provides the opportunity for group exploration of a topic designed to engage participants in learning how to shop smarter, eat healthier, save money, and be active through combining discussion, hands-on activities, and making healthy recipes.

Around the Table with EFNEP series ideally consist of six or more 2– 2.5 hour sessions during which the EFNEP Nutrition Educator can cover various nutrition-related topics.

For more information, please contact: or your local EFNEP Nutrition Educator.

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