University of Vermont

Cultivating Healthy Communities

Food & Nutrition Programs

Resources, Recipes and Curriculum

UVM Extension offers the following resources, recipes and curriculum to encourage healthy eating and healthy living:

Local Food: Eating What We Grow

Our "Eating What We Grow" publication has healthy recipes to get you excited about fresh produce grown locally in Vermont ... from apples to zucchini!

Cooking for One

You don't have to eat the same foods day-in-day-out! Download "Cooking for One" Recipes Part One and Part Two, and watch the episodes on Across the Fence for tips and advice:

Learning to live well with diabetes - Healthy Eating

Diabetes Education

Diabetes recipes and resources, including four short "Learning to Live Well with Diabetes" web videos providing basic diabetic nutrition information.

Food, Culture and Reading

Food, Culture and Reading is a nutrition education curriculum for pre-school through grade 2 that uses picture books to teach about food and different cultures.