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William McMaster

Extension Associate Professor:
Community Resource Development Specialist


(802) 334-7325 ext.482

316 Main Street, Suite 101, Newport, VT 05855-5029
Profile & Education

Bill McMaster's primary focus includes working with communities and organizations to develop a vision for the future. He has developed a curriculum called "Take Charge/Re-Charge Sustainable Development for Vermont Communities."

Bill also works with downtowns utilizing the "Downtown and Business District Analysis" and conducts needs assessments, strategic planning and facilitation.

  • M.Ed., Springfield College
  • BS, University of Massachusetts
Areas of Expertise

Community visioning; Downtown and business district analysis; Needs assessment; Strategic planning; Facilitation

Suggested Topics for Comment

Community visioning; Downtown market analysis; Needs assessment

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  • National Association of Community Development Extension Professionals (NACDEP)
  • Take Charge Re-Charge Sustainable Development for Vermont Communities
  • Downtown and Business District Analysis

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