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Nutrient Management Planning Information

View our NMP Course Information flyer to find out about our NMP course and when it will be offered again.

This article was recently published in the Journal of Extension (April 2015) “Effectiveness of Nutrient Management Plans on Vermont Dairy Farms.” Check it out for more information on Nutrient Management Plans.


Cover Crops

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Integrating cover crops into field crop production has gained interest in recent years as we discover the multitude of benefits that cover crops can provide. Such as reducing nutrient and soil loss, increasing soil organic matter, suppressing weeds, and even serving as extra sources of livestock forage. Following are some Fact Sheets on Cover Crops that we thought you might find helpful:
Tips for Interseeding Cover Crops
Interseeding Cover Crops – Innovative Technologies
Cover Cropping Costs and Benefits
Under Cover – Integrating Cover Crops into Silage Corn Systems (publication by NWCS)

To learn more about the benefits of cover cropping in Vermont, please view these Across the Fence videos.
The Benefits of Cover Cropping in Vermont showing a field day at The Pouliot’s Farm in Westford, VT on October 31, 2014.
Improving Water Quality through No-Till and Cover Crop Practices with Jeff Sanders and Kirsten Workman on March 13, 2015.


Dairy Nutrient Management

Digging In – A Nutrient Management Course and Manual for Farmers

This training manual has been developed by University of Vermont Extension to facilitate the instruction of a nutrient management course for livestock farmers. During the course, farmers learn to develop and implement their own nutrient management plans, and gain an understanding of how their plans were put together, and the importance of nutrient management planning from both economic and environmental perspectives.
The course aims to provide a comfortable, small-group, learning opportunity for the farmers. Once the course is finished, class participants will have generated nutrient management plans following Vermont’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) 590 Nutrient Management Standard. A multi-agency educational team conducts the program. The course is taught over a five-week period with participants attending a three-hour session each week. The farmers will spend approximately fifteen hours in classroom instruction and activities to estimate annual animal manure quantities, document and plan crop rotations, identify fields with manure spreading restrictions, analyze soil test reports, and calculate on-farm nutrient credits for animal manure and legumes. Farmers will also spend an estimated twenty hours at home writing their nutrient management plans. This guide is designed to present some of the instruction that is given in the course. In addition, it gives instructions on how to use the UVM Extension Nutrient Management web application, goCrop and the accompanying mobile app for record keeping.


UVM Extension Vegetable Nutrient Management Computer Workbook This is an Excel file that will work on computers with Microsoft Excel 1997–2003 or newer versions.

Instructions for Creating a Vegetable/Fruit Nutrient Management Plan

Nutrient Management on Organic Vegetable Farms- Fertility Sources by Wendy Sue Harper, NOFA-VT Vegetable and Fruit Technical Assistance Advisor

Vegetable/ Fruit Nutrient Management Checklist

*This information is a work in progress please check back periodically for future updates.



Effectiveness of Nutrient Management Plans on Vermont Dairy Farms by Heather Darby, Philip Halteman and Debra Heleba, published in the Journal of Extension in April 2015.

Recorded Webinar: Adapt-N: A tool for adaptive nitrogen management in corn developed by Cornell University was presented at a training session provided to an audience at Middlebury, VT extension office, with support from UVM on April 5, 2012. As a result of this training, UVM Extension’s Northwest Crops and Soils Team is implementing several on-farm trials in conjunction with Cornell to provide the Adapt-N team with valuable Vermont data. Stay tuned for updates from the 2012 season!

Manage Nutrients Efficiently to Offset High Fertilizer Prices (pdf) by Heather Darby

Maximizing Manure Nitrogen (pdf) by Heather Darby



2014 Reports

  • 2014 Enhancing Forages with Nutrient Dense Sprays Report (pdf)
  • 2014 Impact of High Glucosinolate Mustard Soil Amendments on Black Bean Yield (pdf)
  • 2014 Late Summer Cover Crop Trial (pdf)
  • 2014 Tillage Radish Planting Date Trial (pdf)
  • 2014 Tillage Radish Seeding Rate Trial (pdf)
  • 2013 Reports

    2013 Cover Crop Planting Date x Seeding Rate Trial (pdf)

    2013 Nutrient Dense Spray Report (pdf)

    2012 Reports

    2012 Cover Crop Planting Date X Seeding Rate (pdf)

    2012 Cover Crop Termination and Reduced Tillage Study (pdf)

    2012 Nutrient Dense Spray Report (pdf)

    Previous Reports

    Cover Crop Planting Date X Seeding Rate 2010 (pdf)

    Cover Crop Termination Study 2010 results (pdf)

    Cover Crop Termination Study 2009 results (pdf)




    2009 Oilseed Meal Report- Assessing the Value of Oilseed meals for Soil Fertility and Weed Suppression (pdf)




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