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Forages are an integral part of raising livestock in Vermont.  Our group works to produce valuable research for farmers raising quality forages.  Below are articles and research reports related to forage production in Vermont.

Managing Cereal Grains for Forage (pdf)

Inoculants for Haylage and Corn Silage (pdf)

Ergot Alert (pdf)

Managing Immature and Frosted Corn Silage (pdf)



Frost Seeding: A Cheap Alternative to Improve Hay and Pasture Land (pdf)

Evaluating and Managing Forage Stands for Winter Injury (pdf)




2013 Brown Mid-Rib Corn Population Trial (pdf)

2013 Brown Mid-Rib Corn Variety Trial (pdf)

2013 Corn Interseeding Trial (pdf)

2013 Long Season Corn Silage Variety Trial (pdf)

2013 Short Season Corn Silage Variety Trial (pdf)

2013 Minimum Tillage Corn Trial (pdf)

2012 Reports

2012 BMR Corn Population (pdf)

2012 BMR Corn Variety Trial (pdf)

2012 Long Season Corn Report (pdf)

2012 Minimum Tillage Corn Report (pdf)

2012 Short Season Corn Silage Variety Trial (pdf)

2012 Vermont Organic Corn Silage Performance Trial Results (pdf)

2011 Reports

Minimum Tillage Corn Trial, 2011 (pdf)

Organic Grain Corn Variety Trial, 2011 (pdf)

Relative Maturity Corn Silage Trial, 2011 (pdf)

Short Season Corn Variety Trial Report, 2011 (pdf)

2011 Vermont Brown Mid-Rib Corn Variety Trial (pdf)

2011 Organic Corn Silage Report – Randolph, VT (pdf)


OTHER ANNUAL FORAGES, Small Grains, BMR, Sorghum

2013 Forage Brassica Variety Trial (pdf)

2013 Summer Annual Variety Trial (pdf)

2012 Forage Brassica Variety Trial (pdf)

2012 Summer Annual Variety Trial (pdf)

2012 Summer Annual x Fertility Rate (pdf)

Forage Brassica Trial 2011 (pdf)

Spring Cereal Grain and Turnip Forage Trial 2011 (pdf)

Spring Cereal Grain Forage Trial 2010 (pdf)

Organic Forage Brassica Performance Trials 2010 (pdf)

Winter Cereals as a Multipurpose Crop 2010 (pdf)

Organic Warm Season Annual Forage Performance Trials 2010 (pdf)

Double Crop System to Maximize Annual Forage Yield and Quality 2010 (pdf)

Organic Annual Forage Performance Trials Results 2009 (pdf)





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