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2015 Tax School Policies and FAQ

Tax School Policies

Cancellation, Site Switching and Refund Policy

UVM Extension provides a refund policy commensurate with other programs across the nation. Registrations may be fully refunded for military (deployment, active duty), medical (hospitalization, illness preventing attending), or family emergency (death, illness per doctor's visit). However, all other refunds do carry a fee. The fee is $50 for those requesting a refund more than 15 days in advance of the first school listed, and $100 for those requesting a refund less than 15 days in advance of the first school listed. All registrations go through a computerized registration process and UVM Extension is charged a fee for that computerized registration thus we must charge that back to the registrant. (UVM Extension receives no waivers from the computerized registration process for military, medical or family emergency.)

Site switching occasionally occurs and we understand that one may wish to attend one site when registering in August but find out that they must go to another site in November. Again, UVM Extension must pay a fee to change any registration thus we must pass that fee onto you. We charge $50 for that site switching.

Extenuating circumstances may occasionally occur and we review those on a case-by-case basis.

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CPE Credits

The University of Vermont Extension Tax School is an IRS Approved Continuing Education provider.

Credit awarded is based upon actual hours in attendance. Most accrediting groups recognize 1 hour of credit per 50 minutes of instruction. Some CLE groups recognize 1 hour of credit per 60 minutes of instruction. Certificates of attendance are issued to participants after seminars conclude.


Each year UVM Extension submits our teaching plan to the Vermont Accountancy Board and receives approval for about 11–13 hours of Continuing Legal Education credits. Due to the requirements we are not able to obtain the exact credit hours prior to the school dates but we have received credit for each of the 10+ years we have submitted a request for credit.

Certified Financial Planners (CFPs)

UVM Extension submits annually to the CFP organization for up to 15 hours of CFP continuing education credits (Ethics excluded). During your check in process you will be asked for your CFP number and we will submit your credit hours to the organization.

Enrolled Agents

UVM Extension is an IRS approved provider of continuing education for Enrolled Agents. The UVM Extension Income Tax School provides 13 hours of Federal Tax Law, and 1 hour of Ethics for Enrolled Agents. An ADDITIONAL hour of Ethics is given for attendance at the supplemental Ethics program.

Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP)

UVM Extension is an IRS-approved provider of continuing education for AFSPs. The Tax School provides 14 hours (15 if bonus ethics is taken) to AFSPs. The school does not qualify for the six-hour federal tax law update refresher course required of some AFSPs.

Estate Planning School

2 hours of CPE credit allowable to CPAs only for those who wish to apply for it. Certificates upon request.

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Tax School FAQ

How much does it cost to attend?

Please see the registration page for current registration fees.

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How do I reserve an overnight room at one of the Tax School sites?

For those calling for Killington, please call the Killington Grand at 1-800-621-6867. Please let the reservationist know that you are attending the UVM Tax School so you can get the UVM rate. We will have a room block of 30 rooms. Those rooms will be released on October 17, 2015; however, if there are still rooms available in the hotel after October 17 you can still get the UVM rate.

For the Essex school, we do not do a block of rooms. There are numerous hotels in the Burlington area. Here are some: Sheraton-Burlington, Holiday Inn, Double Tree-Burlington (actually Williston Road – South Burlington), Best Western (Windjammer Restaurant) and La Quinta to name a few.

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May I attend only one day of the school?

Yes. You will need to pay the single day rate which is generally cost prohibitive.

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May I attend day 1 at one venue and the day 2 at the other venue?

Yes. However, we ask that you do so for medical, family, military or extenuating circumstances only.

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May I switch venues after registration?

Yes. However, there is a fee ($50) as we have to go into the registration system and change our registration process.

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Does UVM Extension offer discounts on its Income Tax Schools?

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer discounts other than the early registration discount.

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Can I purchase just the Income Tax Workbook?

No. Our policy with the Land Grant University Tax Education Foundation states that we cannot supply the book to individuals that do not register for the school. Any extra books are to be sent back or supplied to higher education institutions.

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Why won't the University give out certificates before the end of the school?

While we would love to have the certificates available earlier, we have found that giving out the certificates early leads to early departure times and individuals not receiving the full number of classroom instruction hours. Under IRS CE regulations we can only issue certificates for the number of hours actually attended.

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I have special dietary needs. Who do I contact?

Please contact Peggy Manahan at or 1-800-639-2130 so she can work with you to accommodate your needs.

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Can I call the office to register and use a credit card?

No. If you want to pay with a credit card you have to register on line. We are not allowed to take credit card numbers.

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What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellation is possible before the conference but with a penalty depending on when the cancellation takes place. We do make adjustments for those that have military, medical or family emergencies. If you have questions, please contact us at 1-800-539-2130 and speak with Elaine Burnor or Peggy Manahan.

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If I miss the conference due to illness or some other reason can I use my registration payment for another UVM Extension Income Tax conference or another UVM Extension conference?

No. We are not able to offer transfers to other conferences within UVM Extension. Contact Elaine Burnor at or 1-800-639-2130 to discuss refund options.

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If I arrive late or leave early how does this affect my credits?

Each 50 minutes of instruction is equivalent to 1 hour of credit. Our classes are based on 8–15 hours of credit. Should you arrive late or leave early, you will need to stop by the registration desk as they will adjust your credit hours accordingly.

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What are the acceptable documents to verify my PTIN at the time of the conference?

Please bring your letter that you received from the IRS with registered name and PTIN number. Often we have found that the name you registered your PTIN with is different than your nickname or other name. For instance: marriage, divorce, nicknames, spelling, and other variations often are different than your PTIN registered name.

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If I am unable to attend can someone from my office take my place?

Yes. However, you must contact the office at 1-800-639-2130 to change the reservation ticket. If possible, speak to Elaine Burnor.

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How many credits will I get at the UVM Income Tax School?

UVM Extension is an approved CE Provider by IRS. The Income Tax Schools are approved by IRS for various hours depending on the school. Typically the November school is approved for 15 hours for EA's and AFSP's (formerly RTRP). To find out more about the Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP) that the IRS recently launched, click on this link

The School is designed to deliver the latest Federal and Vermont Tax information, and can provide the 15 total hours of CE credits for EA and up to 16 hours for CPAs (if the bonus session is taken for the second hour). RTRPs may voluntarily attend for up the 15 hours of CPE. No CE credit will be offered for Vermont Income Tax updates (except CPAs).

To obtain specific hours for each designation, please contact the office.

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Is UVM Extension Tax School an approved IRS Continuing Education Provider?

Yes. Our provider number is V5YHE. Visit for more information.

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