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Focus groupDeveloping Volunteers

Recruit the right volunteers for the job and retain their active participation with your organization. These are key elements to the success of non-profits. We’ll look at 11 characteristics of organizations that are highly effective engaging volunteers with their Mission and Vision. Retention of quality volunteers is cost effective, saving both time and dollars. Well cared for volunteers are happy and created a strong campaign for bringing in new volunteers. Baby Boomers are a group deserving special attention, as the largest generation in history they provide a nearly unlimited potential for volunteer service. Knowing about them, how to recruit and retain them with the organization may be important information for you do know.  

This module presents ideas, strategies, and skills to assist in you in developing effective involvement of volunteers for your organization through webinars, interactive asynchronous learning activities, and suggested resources for further study. Learning objectives for the module include:

  • Learning how a positive vision of the role of volunteers in your organization can enhance involvement of volunteers.
  • Understanding how to involve volunteers at all levels in the organization.
  • Identifying potential barriers to volunteer involvement and ways to deal with these barriers forthrightly.
  • Learning ways to engage paid staff with volunteers to reduce boundaries and increase teamwork. 

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