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Providing academic, social and cultural support services to all eligible students

Vermont Migrant Education Program

Services and Applications

When a Recruiter first visits a family or individual for an interview, they arrive bearing gifts. As a literacy program, we feel it is our duty to supply students with a plethora of books. We provide age-appropriate reading materials, dictionaries, maps, pencils, notebooks, crayons, etc. Recruiters also maintain a local area contact list of other available services in the area. As the “specialists” in their field, recruiters are able to give sound referrals to other agencies that may benefit the family.

If the family is found to meet all the requirements of the program, they are signed up and will remain “on program” for 3 years. If the family/student moves again during this time, they are re-enrolled for another 3 years each time they move for a different qualifying job in agriculture. If the family stays in one place and terminates the migrant agricultural labor force, at the end of the initial 3-year enrollment term our job is done and the family’s eligibility will end. All services provided by the Vermont Migrant Education Program are FREE and there are no income guidelines.

Once the recruiter submits the eligibility forms to the Vermont Agency of Education and all the paperwork goes through, the recruiter's job is done until the family or individual moves again. From this point onward, the Department of Education process begins and provides any needed supplemental educational services. Just as the recruiters have individual regional areas, the Department of Education has regional areas depicting Migrant Education teacher regions. Therefore, each student is assessed individually by a local Migrant Education educator to determine what services are needed and then most often this is the educator that provides the supplemental educational services. Services range from in-school help during regular classes to at-home private tutoring sessions, summer educational programming and English Language lessons. The supplemental services are formulated to meet the individual’s educational needs. It is also possible that the student or family needs/desires no extra educational services at the time they are determined eligible for the Vermont Migrant Education Program. At any time during the eligibility period, the Department of Education may be contacted to reassess the individual’s educational situation.

How can you help?

If you know of a family/individual that may qualify for our program there are several ways in which you may refer them to our program:

  • Download and complete the referral form (PDF) and mail it to the address located on the form, or contact our toll-free number, 1-866-860-1382 ext. 20, and give your referral to our State Recruitment Office.
  • Offer this family or individual an "Agricultural Employment Survey" (available in both English and Spanish) website.* When completed, you may mail the form to the address located on the top of the form or have the family mail it to us.

Any time we receive a referral or an "Agricultural Employment Survey" a recruitment specialist for that specific region contacts the family to see if the children or individual is eligible and if so enrolls them into the program.

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