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UVM Extension serves as a needed resource to Vermont farmers/breeders.

UVM Extension Farm Viability Programs

UVM Extension Farm Viability

The UVM Extension Farm Viability programs provide farm managers with different levels of farm business management assistance that meets the needs of all farmers. These programs all provide one-on-one farm advisement through our team of skilled agricultural professionals. Explore the various program options to decide what is the best fit for your farm operation. You can find applications and registration documents at the bottom of this page.

Special Opportunities

  • Maple Business Benchmark [description]
    • Sign up to complete detailed financial analysis for your maple enterprise. Contact Mark Cannella for more details.
  • Grape Vineyard Financial Project

Base Opportunities

  • Full Business Plans  [description]
    • Develop a comprehensive business plan that covers all aspects of the business for 1-3 years. Includes short / long term goals, marketing plans, management plans, risk analysis and financial statements. Contact an Agent
  • Farm Transfer Plans  [description]
    • Planning focused on the unique relational, tax and legal consideration of transferring ownership and management of the farm to other people or parties. Contact an Agent
  • Enterprise Analysis Plans  [description]
    • Isolate and analyze one enterprise within your business or test the feasibility of a new idea. Contact an Agent
  • Crunching the Numbers  [description]
    • Develop budgets and update the financial statements needed to make key decisions or apply for financing. Contact an Agent
  • Dairy Management Teams  [description]
    • Assembles a team of advisors and facilitates group meetings with experts to address short term decisions and longer term strategies for success. Contact an Agent
Applications and Registrations

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