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Bilingual Training and Educational Materials

The language barrier that often exists between dairy producers in Vermont and their Latino employees makes training challenging. Through demonstration employees can be shown how to do many tasks. However, the important information about why it is necessary to complete a task in a certain way cannot be communicated through demonstration. Increased knowledge about topics related to an employee's job such as the production phases of a cow, calving, udder health, and milk quality can increase job performance and satisfaction. The following resources can be used to help bridge the language gap between the employer and employees. Be sure to know the literacy level of the employees when choosing which resources to use as a small percentage of the Latino workers in Vermont have little to no formal schooling.

Udder Health and Milk Quality

  • Milk Quality Posters PDF
  • Calidad de Leche Carteles PDF(Spanish milk quality posters)
  • Forestripping El Despunte PDF
  • Milk Letdown Bajada de la leche PDF
  • Milk Quality Calidad de Leche [UVM Extension] PDF
  • Milk Quality Calidad de Leche [El Lechero]PDF

Cow Health

  • Disease Transmission Routes Formas de transmision de las enfermedades PDF
  • Health Factors in Parlor Factores de Salud en la Sala PDF
  • Vaccination tips Consejos para vacunaciones PDF
  • Cow Comfort for Stalls Comodidad Para Las Vacas en Cubiculo PDF
  • Teat end conditions Estado de la punta de los pezones PDF

Calving and Calf Care

  • Colostrum Management System Sistema de Manejo de Calostro PDF
  • Colostrom Management El Manejo Calostro PDF
  • Dehorn Early Descuerne a edad temprana PDF
  • Helping with difficult births Ayudando en partos dificiles PDF
  • Newborn Calves Becerros Recien Nacidos PDF
  • The Newborn calf La Bacerra Recien Nacida PDF

Fresh Cows

  • Fresh Cows Vacas Frescas PDF
  • Fresh Cows Vacas recien paridas PDF
  • Milk Fever Fiebre de leche PDF


  • Heat Detection Deteccion de Calores PDF
  • Heat Detection Detecion de Celo PDF

Dry Cows

  • Dry Cow Treatment Tratamiento de las Vacas Secas PDF
  • Dry Cow Vaccines Vacunas para Vacas Secas PDF
  • Transition cow comfort Bienestar de la vaca en transicion PDF


  • Effective Feed Managers Repartir Efectivamente el Alimento PDF
  • The Dairy Cow La vaca Lechera PDF
  • Sample Protocol I-9 Ejemple del Protocolo I-9 PDF
Babcock Institute Dairy Essentials Chapters in English and Spanish

Test Heat Detection Knowledge (English)
Injuries to Hispanic Youth (English)
List of Bilingual Dairy Resources
List of Bilingual Training Videos from various sites
Milk Quality Handouts [Spanish] udder, mastitis, hygiene, somatic cells, milking procedures
Milk Handouts in English
Contagious vs. Environmental Mastitis
Mastitis Contagiosa vs. Ambiental
Farm Safety in Maternity Pens
California Mastitis Test [Spanish]
California Mastitis Test [English]

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