University of Vermont

Cultivating Healthy Communities

About Us

For more than 100 years, University of Vermont (UVM) Extension has delivered education tailored to local needs. Our faculty and staff, located in offices around the state, help improve the quality of life of Vermonters through research-based educational programs and practical information.

UVM Extension integrates higher education, research and outreach to help individuals and communities put knowledge to work in their families and homes, farms, businesses, towns and the natural environment.

Together, we:

  • Educate individuals and families
    • Engage youth through 4-H and other programs
    • Teach nutrition and food safety
    • Help families thrive
    • Provide home gardening information
    • Encourage lifelong learning
  • Support agriculture and the environment
    • Increase agricultural business profitability
    • Support forest and farm stewardship and safety
    • Encourage expanded markets for locally produced foods
    • Facilitate farm transfers to maintain a working landscape
  • Strengthen communities
    • Teach leadership and communication skills
    • Increase youth involvement in communities
    • Promote economic development and collaborative community projects
    • Support local water quality improvement programs

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Fast facts

UVM Extension ...

  • received funding on February 15, 1913 with an appropriation from the Vermont Legislature.
  • continues to serve the residents of Vermont after over 100 years.
  • has offices and personnel in 11 of 14 Vermont counties.
  • has faculty and staff with specialties in community development, human nutrition, youth, natural resources and agriculture.
  • currently has over 200 faculty and staff employees.
  • has an annual budget over $11 million (federal, state, grant and fee) dollars and is focused on solving problems in the state.

From July 2014 to June 2015 ...

  • UVM Extension faculty was successful in securing over $7.4 million in grants and contracts for outreach activities in Vermont.
  • More than 68,000┬ádirect personal contacts were made by UVM Extension faculty and program staff.
  • More than 13,000 youth contacts were made with UVM Extension programs.
  • More than 4,700 citizens volunteered nearly 54,000 hours with UVM Extension.
  • UVM Extension offered more than 1,200 significant educational events (6 hours minimum) to over 12,000 non-traditional Vermont students (residents) covering a wide range of subject areas.
  • "Across the Fence," UVM Extension's daily television program, reached an estimated 20,000 households each day.