Using the EPC Exam Proctoring Checklist webpage

Faculty uses the Exam Proctoring Checklist to email exams and proctoring conditions to the EPC.

It allows attachment of 1 or 2 files and requests pertinent information regarding the conditions under which students are to take the test hopefully eliminating some issues from the past.

The Test Schedule

The following information is requested

The Students

You may list up to 10 students who may, meaning are allowed to, take the test at the EPC.

Any student testing at the EPC should have

  1. Personally handed you his or her accommodation letter at the start of the semester and discussed testing at the EPC.
  2. Informed you that they would like to take each particular test in the EPC
    You may make other testing arrangements with the student provided they are given their accommodations.

It is not necessary to send an separate test for each individual if they are all taking the same test.

Faculty Information

Information about you and your contact information

The test itself

You may attach 1 or 2 files to the checklist, typically the exam itself and a supporting document like a formula sheet or a reading.

Our preferred format is as a pdf file so any special characters or mathematical notation reproduce properly.

Please include the course number or name, your name, and an identifier of which test, e.g., "Midterm 1" on the test form.
We handle up to 150 tests a day during finals, so anything that makes them easy to identify is an enormous help to us.

Testing Materials

Materials required or permitted while testing may be specified.

Most questions are binary, e.g., Open Book or Closed Book. Expected defaults are pre-selected.

The options for Scantrons are those that we have at the EPC; you'll need to provide us with any other form you would like to use.

Scantron 19641 - 100 answer
Scantron 4521 - 200 answer PYSC 001 & Nursing
Scantron 19543 - 200 answer

Should the test be printed 1-sided or 2-sided?
by default, tests are printed 2-sided to conserve paper

There is additional space for freeform instructions

Delivery of the test to the EPC and its return to you

Our preference is that faculty use the Exam Proctoring Checklist to send tests to the EPC as it provides a formatted way of specifying most testing conditions. You are welcome to email us the test at, drop it off at L&L A131, or have the student bring it in a sealed envelope.

Our preferred means of returning tests is by EPC Courier, a student employee, who will return it to you or your departmental office. All tests leaving the custody of the EPC must be signed for on delivery. You may explicitly request that students return their tests to you personally; late in the day, we will typically call you to make sure you are available to receive the test as we do not permit students to have completed tests overnight.

Test completed after 3 pm will be returned by EPC courier the following business day after 9 am.