Environmental Studies at UVM

Part-Time Faculty

John Abbott

Lecturer; Asst. Director of Student Life, Outdoor Programs; Advisor, Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources

Areas of Interest: Wilderness leadership and education, peer education and leadership, inclusion and social justice, cultural conceptions of wilderness, transfer of learning, big mountain climbing and skiing

Saleem Hassan Ali

Adjunct Professor

Areas of Interest: Causes and consequences of environmental conflicts, ecological factors that promote peace, promoting environmental education in madrassahs (Islamic religious schools). Saleem may be wiling to co-advise ENVS theses in areas of environmental conflict around extractive industries.

Joshua Brown

Lecturer, Senior Writer for Science and Environment, UVM

Areas of Interest: Environmental journalism and science writing

Todd Comen


Areas of Interest: Food systems research, ecotourism and rural tourism, international development, green building, sustainable tourism, small-scale agriculture and agroecology

Alicia Daniel


Areas of Interest: Reading the landscape, conservation of wild places, storytelling, and connecting people to place through hands-on education and exuberant exploration

S'ra DeSantis


Areas of Interest: Organic agriculture, agroecology, conservation on farms

Andy Fisher


Areas of Interest: Ecopsychology, critical environmental thought, nature connection movement

Heather Fitzgerald


Areas of Interest: Land use history, disturbance history, ecology, perception of nature, nature writing

Eric Garza


Areas of Interest: Energy systems, food systems, human ecology

Annika Ljung-Baruth

Lecturer, Environmental Studies, English, and Women and Gender Studies

Keith Morris


Jim Northup


Teage O'Connor


Areas of Interest: Natural history, urban ecology, primitive skills, nature-connection

Kathleen Osgood


Areas of Interest: Circumpolar studies, indigenous studies, native film, native literature, native art and music

Lance Polya

Lecturer II

Areas of Interest: Systems thinking, systems modeling

Jody Prescott


Areas of Interest: Retired U.S. Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps officer whose current research and writing focuses on four major evolving international security topics: gender, climate change, ethics and cyber.

Barbara Raab


Areas of Interest: Western botanical medicine, holistic health, natural medicine, sustainable harvesting and use of wild medicinal plant species, sustainable horticulture and agriculture

Susan Raber-Bray


Pete Shear


Brian Tokar

Lecturer II

Areas of Interest: Social and environmental movements, climate justice, social ecology, GMOs and food justice

Christine Vatovec

Research Assistant Professor

Areas of Interest: Environmental health, socio-ecological consequences of medical care, health benefits of nature contact, qualitative methods

Richard Watts

Center for Reseach on Vermont Director, Assistant Research Professor, Advisor

Areas of Interest: Strategic communications and media discourse, public policy, energy use and transportation behavior, citizen participation

Dan Wells