Environmental Studies at UVM

ENVS 295 Conundrums in Conservation and Development: The Case of Madagascar

This course will look at conservation and development issues on the island of Madagascar, where some of the world’s most precious and threatened biodiversity uneasily coexists with an increasingly poor and desperate population. The issues will be addressed from the perspective of a practitioner struggling with the complex challenges of addressing both biodiversity and human concerns, while confronting the sometimes conflicting ethical considerations that arise. The intrinsic interdisciplinarity of the issues will make this a thought-provoking course for both science and social science students, as well as those interested in public policy or community development. Course assignments will focus on developing writing skills appropriate for short, persuasive policy briefs or project documents. Please don’t take the class if you’re not interested in working on this style of writing.







One environmental course at 100 level, junior standing

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