Environmental Studies at UVM

ENVS 195 Environmental Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial activity is a major source of innovation and job creation around the world. An environmental entrepreneur is someone who is driven not only by the possibility of making a profit, but is also driven by environmental and social concerns. Environmental entrepreneurs want to make the world a better place by engaging in practices that minimize the environmental impact of their activities or, ideally, practices that don’t result in degradation of the natural environment. Environmental Entrepreneurship is designed to meet individual student interests as well as to introduce broad management concepts that will help every student make informed entrepreneurial decisions. The course is organized around topics derived from student interests, including but not limited to tourism, the built environment, and food and agriculture. Students will learn how organizations strive to minimize their impact on the environment and make meaningful contributions to society. Students will study environmental entrepreneurship at a variety of organizational scales, conducting independent research and learning from case studies. The building blocks of environmental entrepreneurship will be introduced so that students without a business background will understand the key components of creating and operating a successful organization, with emphasis on the business planning process.








ENVS 001, 002 or NR 001, 002 or ENSC 001

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