Environmental Studies at UVM

ENVS 189 Systems Thinking

How can we make the systems that we work and live in to be more environmentally, socially and economically sustainable? Systems Thinking is integral to understanding sustainability. Systems Thinking enables you to see “the big picture” by synthesizing information from many different perspectives and disciplines in both your personal and professional lives. In this course, you will learn to better understand the long-range cross-impacts and unanticipated consequences of your decisions. You will develop high-leverage solutions for transitioning to tomorrow’s most challenging problems in your personal and academic lives, such as planning sustainably, allocating scarce resources, and making trade-offs. You will be part of a team project that will, from a Systems Thinking perspective, analyze an environmental case study and formulate policy recommendations to solve the problem. Case studies will be drawn from the intersection of natural and human systems, like climate change and population dynamics. This course is hands-on, highly participatory course, and non-technical, with no computer use. Much more information can be found at: http://www.uvm.edu/~lpolya/ENVS%20189/Syllabus/2015%20Syllabus.pdf







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