Environmental Studies at UVM

ENVS 170 Environmental Art with Natural Materials

Throughout human history and in all cultures people have created shelters, clothing, storage vessels and more using the local materials around them. In all this work we find the expression of human needs and we see the expression of human desires. In this course we will explore a variety of old world techniques; twinning, plaiting, and Japanese stone weaving using natural materials that we will gather from the surrounding area (cattails, grapevine, Virginia creeper and more). We will be drawing inspiration from indigenous cultures worldwide and creating our own interpretations. During the course we will look at many different approaches to environmental art. Artists who reclaim and remediate damaged environments, artists who re-envision our relationship to nature, artists who inform and interpret nature and its processes and, artists who are concerned with environmental forces and materials. Students will have the opportunity to work individually and in groups. Through this course students may become more aware of our environment as a source of materials, inspiration, and inquiry. Lab Fee: $10.00. Enrollment Limit: 15.







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Humanities (HUM)

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